No end to women's suffering
Bhawna Mutreja | 07 Feb 2011

Crimes done against women are rape, molestation, eve-teasing, sexually harassed, physically and mentally touchered, female foeticide, sex selective abortion, parents selling their wifes, daughters etc.

WOMAN IS the most beautiful creation of god. A women can be a mother, daughter or sister. Women are coming forward to compete with men in any aspect of life. Today women’s can defeat men it’s whether science, politics, economy etc.
Names like Indira Gandhi-The iron woman of India, her contribution to nation’s development was unexpected, Kalpana Chawla Indian born, first women sent on space, Kiran Bedi-first Indian women IPS officer, her contribution in India's development and women empowerment was unforgettable. Then why people still considered women a mere commodity. Why women have to sacrifice, why it can be men who have to sacrifice. Whatever is being done to women nowadays is not less than any terror.

Crimes done against women are rape, molestation, eve-teasing, sexually harassed, physically and mentally touchered, female foeticide, sex selective abortion, parents selling their wifes, daughters, sisters for the sake of money, girls are burnt alive. Women’s are also involved in these heinous crimes.
These crimes are at its peak in even metropolitan cities. It’s a shame on women’s prestige or respect when one women is selling or burning another women only for the hunger of money. The women are losing it’s shrine in the society because of people prejudices that women are curse and are of no use, they are burden which should be neglected.
Another reason for the disturbing image of the women today is that women are themselves involved in these crimes like selling girls for money, burnt girls when she is unable to bring dowry etc. If one women is not respecting  other then how we can expect men to respect the women’s. The government initiative to curb these crimes is lacking somewhere because of lack of people concern and cooperation. Due to lack of awareness at times women are helpless.
Government active participation like opening up of helpline no. on which women’s can complaint and get justice if they are abused or toucherd, organising campaigns in remote areas where voices can reached to them. But this step haven’t achieve desired success, many more actions have to be taken for eradicating these burning issues. Women’s issues are so much highlighted even by the media but still the situation is at its place, unless and until if women itself would not cum forward themselves then this crisis will remain the same.

Beside burning the girls alive one more praticised is done, by killing the child in the mothers womb by the procedure of pre-natal diagonistic(PND) test in which mother’s foetus is tested that whether she have a girl or boy child. If mother foetus have girl child then unfortunately it’s being abort, at times done withot prior permission from mother. They are forgetting the fact that they are here just because of their mother’s which is too a female.
Thanks to the Indian government for banning this PND in 2001. This step has positive result on girl birth rate. These violence is mostly done in rajasthan, bihar, Haryana, UP and now in metropolitican cities because people have more desire for a boy who would intake their culture and rituals forward. They considerd girl as a burden i.e why girl’s education in these are merely nil of the total’s population and the get married at very early stage of their life.
In most areas even today girls are not allowed to choose  their life partner, they are forcibly married to one’s which is selected by their parents and even they are married to a person which is 3 or 4 times elder to them. When it’s the time to play with others children, girla at the age of 13 or 14 produced children. Can anyone tell us till when these all bloody crimes will stop and women’s suffering will get over.

This create an imbalance structure in the society because the sex ratio of males and females are like the two sides of the coins. The sex ratio is like 700  females per 1000 males. So at the time of boy’s marriage problem occurs,as their are no girls to get married, so people of north india kidnapped or caught girls from their home and being forced to get married to an unknown person.

All these unlawful practices are done on womens and even by womens. Women’s are still very much criticised by people. Although women’s voices are reaching in courts and streets by organising march or campaigns or by seeting up of foundation but still need for proper action to be taken by womens. Women’s capacity to tolerate all the suffering have crossed all the limits.

How women are considered as inferior or a mere commodity where the president of the country is women and running the whole nation boldly, where the speaker of parliament is a women and many authoritarian designations are being hold by the women. Womens are capable to do anything on this planet which men can’t.

So from now start respecting the women whether be it your mother, sister or daughter if you didn’t and accept the fact that if women is not there then no one will be there. Atlast if women are cared, supported and empowered all of society benefits.