No fine collection by cash from traffic violators in Hyderabad
Narendra Ch | 06 Jan 2015

The Hyderabad Traffic Police have come out with an innovative idea of doing away with cash collection from traffic violators so that to prevent corruption at thefield level that nakedly exposing them, has decided to make remittences online or at the designated toll booths. According to Additional Commissioner (Traffic) Jitender, the new system was being introduced in order to make the traffic challan payments easy and increase citizen friendly policing.

Earlier, 'contact enforcement' like spot challan was being issued by traffic police personnel against unruly motorists along with 'non-contact enforcement' like e-challans. After several complaints were received by senior police officials regarding mismanagement and non-accountability of collected penalties, top bosses in the police department have planned to remove the system of spot payment of challan through cash.


Hyderabad Traffic Police is now introducing the cashless enforcement against traffic violations on the field, on a trial basis. Citizens can now pay penalties for violations through the official website of Hyderabad Traffic Police (www.htp.gov.in) or through www.echallan.org. Motorists can check the number of violations done by the vehicle and pending challans through websites and pay the penalty online.


There is a facility to pay through debit or credit cards and also Net Banking, in an easy manner. All existing methods of paying challans at the Mee Seva centre, AP online centers or at banks like State Bank of Hyderabad and ICICI Bank and the at traffic compounding booth would continue.


Jitender said strictly the traffic police will not collect any fine amounts on the field in the form of cash. He advised citizens that they need not give any cash to traffic police personnel henceforth. The Hyderabad traffic police have also developed an Android mobile application 'E-Challan Telangana' for easy payment of all pending challans.