No justification for giving full salary to one teacher and one-fourth to the other teacher for the same work
HARISH DIDO | 12 Mar 2014

The decision and commentary of Supreme Court against the appointment of temporary teachers at low salary in different states of the country, without caring for qualifications in Govt. Primary School, are appreciable.

Hearing the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the case of appointment of teachers on temporary basis in Primary Schools in Gujarat, relating to appointment as Educational Assistants, has declared as the enemy of education.

The court has also commented that with such type of appointments, permission ruin the future of the country,  cannot be granted.

Giving his version on the taking notice of comments of Apex Court, Raj Kishore Kalra, Patron of Punjab Education Reforms Committee, Hans Raj Spokesperson and Dev Raj Sharma, National Awardee, Jalalabad said, despite the introduction of Right to Education Act, the anti-students educational policies in different parts of the country are still in progress.

They said, in fact, in different states including Gujarat, at the time of appointment of teachers, the work is being run on adhoc basis with appointment of teachers on temporary basis.  Not only this, these teachers are being paid less pay as compared to permanent teachers.  In such circumstances, it is unimportant to expect from such teachers that they will be able to perform their duties so diligently?

They further said, the Apex court has also asked for information of the ability of such teachers.  It has also come on surface that these teachers do not even fulfill the required educational qualification. As to how the satisfactory results can be expected of Right to Education Act, in such circumstances. The educationists said that no education system can be developed in the rural areas which could provide education to all children.


The members of PERC said, not only in Gujarat, the plight of primary education is unsatisfactory in almost all the states of the country. The designated name of teachers appointed on temporary basis in different states is different but their working and salary are identical.


They further said, the achievements of real aims of education cannot be expected from temporary system.  Even otherwise, the appointment of teachers on temporary basis is illogical as there is no justification for giving full salary to one teacher and one-fourth to the other teacher for the same work.


The PERC has appealed to the Centre and State governments that it is the need of the hour to appointment permanent teachers according to their ability, keeping in view commentary of Apex court for achievements of aims of Right to Education Act.