No one will marry Rakhi Sawant
Ajit Chak | 26 Jul 2009

Will no one marry an Item girl like rakhi. It seems that no Indian boy is willing to do so.

No Indian will marry item girl Rakhi. The Rakhi Sawant show is a great exposure of Indian mentality, while everybody wants to be seen with rakhi, flirt with Rakhi and let their small town relatives know that they can take Rakhi around they are not ready to marry her. Why is this so?

Obviously because small town India is not ready for item girl bahus and this is because they do not think well of item girls in India.

Parents still want an unpaid domestic servant in the form of a daughter in law and who will control an independent super rich item girl? Not a small town mother in law, she will find herself helpless in such a situation. So for Rakhi it seems she has no choice but to go abroad where she will be welcomed by an Indian family simply because she is an Indian girl.

This desi girl scenario does not hold well in India however. All her suitors have backed out and this is because there is a historical bias against film actresses and item girls in society.

Even in British society which is so liberal today and where free sex and breakdown of the institution of marriage is the norm item girls where in the Victorian age referred to as Bits of Muslin by Dukes and Lords and Barons who would pay for their keep in return for sexual favours.

These item girls were actresses, or pretty maids or illegitimate daughters of lords etc. They earned well despite this social handicap and were celebrities in their own right but nobody wanted to marry them. To the lords have been replaced by super rich politicians and industrialists and sheikhs. The truth of the matter is that this mindset still prevails in India and nobody wants to marry an Item Girl, however they want to use her to advance their own careers. How sick can we be?