Nobel Peace Prize laureates Satyarthi and Yousafzai bat for child rights and quality education in acceptance speeches
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 11 Dec 2014

The Nobel Peace Prize laureates Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai received their medals and diplomas during the awards ceremony and made their acceptance speeches related to child rights and children's education. The award ceremony was well covered by Indian media which was keenly watched by people and scenes of people dancing in front of TV were common to celebrate the award of a Nobel Prize to an Indian after a long wait.

Stressing the importance n education to children, Satyarthi said that we must impart such education to children that gives 'the meaning and objective of life and a secure future'. He added that, we must aim at an education that builds a sense of global citizenship. He warned that the cumulative result of lack of universal quality education would be 'unprecedented violence that will be suicidal for humankind'.

Satyarthi urged the world community to become the first generation to decide to be the last to end with them the lost childhoods and wasted potential. He gave the call by saying, "Let this be the last time that a boy or a girl spends their childhood in a factory. Let this be the last time that a girl gets forced into early child marriage. Let this be the last time that an innocent child loses their life in war. Let this be the last time that a classroom remains empty. Let this be the last time that a girl is told education is a crime and not a right. Let this be the last time that a child remains out of school."

Yousafzai said that it was not time to tell the leaders the important of education but to call them to take action. She urged the world leaders to guarantee a free quality primary and secondary education for every child. She added that many children in India and Pakistan, as well as in many other countries, are deprived of their right to education because of social taboos, poverty or they have been forced into child labour and girls into child marriages

Summing up her the experience of her 17 years of life full of zeal for education, she reiterated her commitment to see every child getting quality education and equal rights for women.  Sounding like Satyarthi, she also called upon the world community and said that it was the time to take action so it becomes the last time for a child being deprived of education.