Nobody cares for Kashmiris
Inam Ul Rehman | 23 Jan 2007


Kashmiris have lost news value. Common men come on pages only when ten to fifteen die. Doors shut. Voices unheard. So when labourers, unemployed and ordinary die in single digits it is no news. For the media men these events are not ‘inspiring’. News is unusual. Usual is crass.

The Kashmiri spirit of resistance has been subjected to bawdy jokes. Marred for ‘non-martial community’. It pays for silence. Eighty thousand burials! Sixteen years of non-stop violence! Still asinine non-martial race! Our sangfroid is ‘cowardice’. Our vent is ‘terror’! Pray, how come Kashmiris raising voice is silenced by ‘unidentified’ gunmen. Desiccated tears! For leaders it is time to condemn the act. ‘Deep shock and anguish’! High caste, dogmatic and egoistic Kashmiri leaders inhabiting political and other organisations are puzzle. For them delivering one-liners is more important then caressing orphans. Their sartorial are in news. Ordinary in bins. From their ivory towers every one is with them. They take ride and sail through, taking Kashmiris for granted. Anything connected with Kashmiri sensibilities has become dangerous. Kashmiris have been given reservation in terrorist category and in non-martial race. No paradoxes. An honest and patriotic man is killed every three hours. Nothing happens. Morons mourn. One takes comfort giving press conference and pose for the cameras. Such monstrosity! The man on street is silenced with SABR. Leaders accentuate waffle of pressurising government! Never do it occur, why not probe thyself! Kashmir is not the only nation fighting against the imperialism. Yet, no national song. No slogan. No flag. It has unique freedom fighters minus nationalism. Yet people are fighting against the oppressor. Without any sense of nationalism! It is not irony but tragedy. A colossal one. For four hundred years this unfortunate nation has been under subjugation! It won’t surprise if it goes on till doomsday without any fruits. It helps to confuse the agenda and pintsize Kashmiris. This way. That way. Lead them to lee ways!

Then there are writers, journalists and ‘well-wishers’ who have done more harm than good. For them writing for Kashmir means free invitation to tour the world. It means a matter of free fame and profit. They get employed in media houses, ‘national’, international and at the home. Media, politicians and corporate people feel that being seen with Kashmir cause does ‘help’ in big way. Lean against one or ‘balance’ it pays. It is their ‘job’ to keep Kashmiris branded as terrorists and exempt leaders from it. History is the monopoly of winner. Losers only recite!

We suffer from the severe basic malaise of not taking right actions at right times. The situation today, is cumulative effect of what self-serving and egoistic Kashmiri leaders have done to Kashmir issue over the years. They want it to remain the same. They have no common cause. No mutual respect for each other. No time for the hoi polloi. Every year people must shut business establishment on this and that martyr day. Yet leaders act disingenuous when hoi polloi come in deathbeds across India. Kashmiris living in India’s capital are humiliated. Indian police and public attack them. Destroy their image. Label them gaddaar or terrorist. They incarcerate every bearded Kashmiri. Yet nothing moves.

In the back ground our writers discuss piffle things. Strangely they take nest in the past. A past so distant and distinctive, whose carbon dating in not possible. The crises of identity experienced by the Kashmiris: Muslims as pro-insurgency, Pandits against, Sikhs neutral and Buddhist hostile! Yet the freedom to choose ones destiny is increasingly limited. For people time relentlessly moves on like Greek tragedy to the very end. In such situation Kashmiris are forgotten by the leaders, because their existence remind elected and separatist of what they would be like which they want to forget. They have lost friends and support— they have lost the future!