Noise control regulation should be in place
Vishnu Mohan | 22 Mar 2011

REGULATING NOISE control should be taken as a priority task by the Government because it has direct impact for the well being of a common man. Advanced countries attach big importance to this subject. The objective of Noise control is to prevent any noise that annoys or disturbs the comfort, health, welfare, environment, peace, or safety of any person living in a city or a town or district/village and so on.
Noise, beyond stipulated limits, can be taken as an unwanted sound which could prove to be harmful for health of a person.
Specialised courses are a must for a person wanting to pursue a career in Noise control. A noise control officer generally investigates complaints of violations of Town codes pertaining to noise control regulations. His activities chiefly relate to the following:
- He interviews property owners, tenants and complainants to determine nature of violations;
- Uses Sound Level Meter for determining whether decibel (unit of measurement of sound) level is within allowable parameters;
- Recommends measures for correcting the violation if one exists;
- Issues and serves appearance tickets/notices if violation is not corrected;
- Reviews records to establish ownership of property and to determine if permits and variances required by local ordinances have been obtained;
- Maintains records of code violations and corrective action taken
Common sources of noise include but not limited to are as follows:

- Construction activities
- Aircraft
- Loud neighbours
- Traffic
- Loud music, “boom cars”
- Sirens, car alarms, horn honking
- Barking dogs

Some examples of excessive noise control occurring everyday are:

a) Most of the trains make sound while moving at high speed or while changing tracts. Hawkers in the train cause lots of disturbance especially in the very early morning hours when many of the passengers are sleeping. Tea vendors in the early morning would be shouting at his peak voice causing irritants to many.

b) Hawkers in some residential areas shout at their peak voice to drawn attention for the products they want to sell.

c) Honking of horns by both commercial and non commercial vehicles having different sound variations;

d) In some factories, old machineries cause too much noise while running;

e) In some commercial markets loud speakers emit too much noise for drawing specific attention;

There could be many examples which could add to the list.

Maybe it is time Government must take the issue of noise control seriously and do everything to ensure better systems are in place ensuring noise control is to the bare minimum – all of these measures should aim to enhance the wellbeing of a common man.