Nokia or NO-KIAAAAA?!?
ISHA SHARMA | 02 Feb 2011

The advent of small cell phone manudacturing companies which are offering cell phones with all good features have made the market HOT for others manufacturers who had been playing is monopoly!

NOKIA HAS been the real king in the mobile telecommunications market in India. Nokia have been always successful in coming out with latest and advanced technological developments in their cell phones and their CONCEPT of “SERIES” have made it very easy for a Indian man to not search endlessly for a suitable cell phone but nokia has something for everyone and anyone. From a cheap model worth Rs.1000 to a super-advanced model with all features worth many thousand rupees.

The E-Series mainly comprise of cell phones with in-built features suitable for the business class executives with features of pop-out mail box and an easy QWERTY key pad which enables fast typing!And the N-series has exciting features and hig music and picture quality!

But now nokia has a reason to worry. Apart from getting a neck to neck competition from Samsung and much later LG but its MICROMAX which has giving a strong reason for NOKIA to re-think its market strategies. Because micromax has been a silent killer and conquered the cell phone markets and the consumers very strategically.
It launched its cell phone with well-equipped features at a marginally a very low rate than nokia, Samsung and other leaders of the cell phone manufacturer companies. The consumers are really looking forward to getting a micromax hand-set as if they are been served a product with all impressive features and  that too at affordable rates then WHY NOT!? This has indeed given tough time to all other cell manufacturers! And especially when Micromax chose bollywood’s superstar akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador for endorsements. All what sells in markets is the “BRAND”!
So it was quiet a tough task for Micromax to divert the consumers from  brands who already had a strong monopoly in the markets but micromax did it all very impressively. Following the foot-steps of micromax now its KARRBON,G-5,LEMON and other brands which are trying their hands on the cell phone industry but however have not been able to grab attention as micromax did in very short span of time. Any college student or a Middle-class man would definitely prefer what they are able to get at a low cost with all genuine features in a cell phone!

So now NOKIA...The day is not far when the consumers say a big “NO” and then it would be definitely a big “nO_kiaa” for you!