Nothing but the nation should be in focus
KRB | 12 Dec 2010

Our corporate record of culpable offences is long and likewise the scam ridden political masters, who manage to escape without any punishment; some times just encountered few fines levied for such omissions and commissions.

THE 2G spectrum issue has created a big debate among the citizens, who are believed to be enlightened enough to talk about it perhaps because of its mammoth figure and for involvement of corporate India.
Though it is not for the first time that India witnesses such favouritism gained by the corporates of the country but also several MNC’s including the United States firm Union Carbide which is responsible for death of thousands on the night of December 2 and 3, 1984. Still there is a debate going on who was responsible for allowing its then head Warren Anderson to flee from India- without being punished.

Our corporate record of culpable offences is long and likewise the scam ridden political masters who have managed to escape without any punishment; some times just encountered few fines levied for such omissions and commissions.

Who was responsible for such escapes which cost heavily our exchequer and loss of invaluable life of citizens of India?

Still to date we don’t know the exact mechanism for enquiring the misdeeds committed by both swadeshi and videshi. We all have been shown various agencies that are related with pursuing the crimes. However, those bodies expect or request permission by the rulers who are in turn directly or indirectly involved with those crimes. The logical conclusion is there will be no actions on the perpetrators of the crimes.

Even though we say there are independent agencies who can take up the cases with utmost importance to deliver justice to the vulnerable being not allowed to function with independency. The reason is obvious that once such crimes enquired and culprits are punished, later people would seek justice in all other cases as well.

What to do with this state? How to deal with the situation? How to save our democratic and constitutional rights?

There are few proposals to research on basic structure of our system and re-establish the fundamental values and ethos inscribed in the constitution. However this is not an easy task to accomplish. Because so far who have been tasted all the fruits of inactiveness and disparities (vested interests) will not allow anything to happen positively.

Even so, what kind of repairs we can carry forward to strengthen our system and its transparent functioning?

Make all government deals and contracts to be online with a national network. That will give access to all across the country to bid for such contracts in a transparent manner. State governments could do it within their domain restricted within the state boundaries, if they feel outside bidding may harm local business community.

Make rules and regulations more stringent but with simple barriers such as years of operations, revenue, relevant experience and total no employee enrolled etc, so that helps to automatically filter applicants for a given contract or task.

It is easier because technology has grown and even job portals inform the applicant about the status of the person to a particular job. Hence it is not a big deal for a government to design such a national portal. There can be a national repository of big contractors and corporate houses to allot tasks on merit or discretion to an organisation.

Multi–billion projects shall be open for global competition. Therefore, local competitors will improve their capability in long run.

Government functions shall be decentralised and training for computerisation to the rural bodies would be given to reduce corruption at grass root level and improve efficiency of the rural governance. Already several departments have been computerised and increase in efficiency level has been felt.

Private corporations should be also transparent in selecting their vendors so that corrupt practices can be eradicated from their domain.

There should be fast track courts for graft and other charges. Therefore, government officials can be brought to justice when they charged for such wrongdoings. Immediate punishment possibility will deter them to get involved with graft and petty discrepancies.

Awareness among the people should be strengthened to make Right To Information Act more vibrant and used widely on policy matters.

Central policy frameworks should be expanded to involve public figures and independent experts of respective fields to provide more expertise over the decisions of such policy frameworks.

In order to improve the efficiency of the government servants all service records of them can be made accessible to the public for transparent scrutiny.

Selection process for public servants (all UPSC) should be made more talent oriented rather than as currently based on objective and descriptive type examinations.

Government procedures should be made more simple and practical above all other reforms.