Nothing in life comes for free (primeval say), no respect if it comes free (today's say)
Prativa Rathi | 06 Jan 2015

Whether you talk about materialistic or unmaterialistic thing readily available or unavailable thing you have paid for everything in your own way. They say "you have earned respect". Yes, you totally have earned it, slogged yourself for years laboured unconditionally compromised enough to have it nestle in the place where it is now.

Nobody credited it to your pedigree for free and if they did it even it will slowly sum as debt in your balance sheet. No doubt that you earn to buy your materialistic covets but some or other way you even buy unmaterialistic desires which are people euphoria love trust dignity including hatred.

Most imperatively PEOPLE HAPPINESS AND THINGS always comes in barter. Evidently today at this present era where you don't value things which comes straight to you pay no heed to the one who is there unconditionally instead you chase the stingy one who gives a fuck about you. Rightly you proclaim them as "losers".

You are married on the basis of an enormous dowry and then you are loved and embraced by your so called announced advertised and defined lifelong partners. Even your pal who are apparent to you as unsolicited creature are the ones whom you have paid for, you give and take with each individual. The day you stop doing the very day you will have nothing to take, customarily happens and if it's not happening with you then you are the fortunate one..

All your life you chase and will to pay and those who need not pay are the trivialities which you face. And those debts which can never be paid are your dignity parent success and the people you genuinely love.

Beggars Cannot Be Choosers Only If They Stop Begging