Police arrested six criminals including notorious gang leader, Malik Suleiman of Kendrapada in Cuttack on Monday. Police officials of Kendrapada and Cuttack jointly arrested the after raiding their hideouts in Cuttack, said Santun Dash the Officer-in-Charge of Kendrapada police station.

All the six arrested criminals have been identified as Malik Suleiman of Garapur village in Kendrapada, Sanjay Sahoo of Athagard, Abdul Wahid of Garapur village in Kendrapada, Bivas Mohanty and Gauranj Biswal of Pakhada village in Kendrapada district and Pabitra Nayak of village Badakula in Kendrapada district.

All the six arrested criminal were involved in many murders, robbery , dacoity and other crimes in Kendrapada, Cuttack, Paradeep, Bhubenswer and other areas of the state, said the police officer. They were also involved in many tender fixing cases in many parts of the state , added the police officer.

All the arrested criminal was booked under sections-302, 307, 395, 341, 506 , 34 of Indian Penal Code and section- 25 of Arms Act. They will be produced in the court at Kendrapada on Tuesday, added the police officer.

Malik Suleiman was evading arrest since more than four months and was hiding in Cuttack. Two years back, Suleiman was released from the Jail at Nayagard after he was acquitted by the court in a murder case. After releasing from the jail, Suleiman managed to obtain a license to get road construction work and he got a tender amount of twenty lakh to repair a five kilometer long road near Kendrapada town, added the police officer.

Police had arrested three months back, seven notorious criminals belonging to notorious Hydar and Sk. Usman alias Tito gangs at Marsaghai on the charges of their involvements in many robbery, theft, dacoity, and other crimes in Paradeep, Kendrapada, Cuttack, Bhubenswer and other areas of the state.

Notorious gang leader Tito had been arrested two years back in Kolakota on the charges of his involvements in many crimes in the state and languishing in the jail and in his absence, his the arrested criminal and other criminals were reigning the crime network in Kendrapada and other areas. Another gang leader, Hydar was also arrested two years back. During the absence of Hydar and Tito, Soleman was reigning the crime networks in Kendrapada and other areas of the state', added the police officer.

"The arrest of six notorious criminals boosted the moral of the police. We managed to nab almost all the gang leaders of all the three gangs", said the police officer.

Eight months back, police arrested three members of Hydar gang on the charges of attacking the house of a congress leader and Panchayat Samiti member, Ganyaranjan Mohanty at Garapur near Kendrapada town. Patakura police had also arrested four months back a gang member of Hydar, Trilochan alias Tulei Behera (27) at Garadapur and seized a pistol from him. Police had also arrested on four months back, three gang members of Hydar, Milan Swain and Basudev Nayak at Haladiagada Chhack on the national highway no-5(A) on the charges of attacking the manager of a construction company, said the police officer.