Oba Goose
Balantrapu Kalyan | 27 Nov 2008

The feature is about the international issue that had recently happened, which has become a bit snobby, inspiring, and mostly profit gaining. The issue of Obama serves the purpose of the feature.

Way back in the children’ stories in the history, there was a mention about a bird called a Golden Goose, which is believed to be laying the golden eggs and worked out to be a profit earner for its master. Stories apart, now, here, in reality we do have a golden goose, more of having the political feathers to its body. To be precise, another clue for the puzzle might solve it. What is the most craziest and hot discussion of this year around the world? Ash getting married? Or any such other snippy matters that struck the globe? Might be they too have got the place in the portfolio, yet, one person has struck them all and downed all the matters of international, national importance into the ditches. The true expectancies of our century have been true and made the most to be glorifying with an ease, though the matter is of a Dark Paining element to some around the skies.

The person whose mania is an epidemic around the world is Barack Obama – the President-elect of the US. The news has become so striking for all even some of us san a minimum ideology of what is going on there in the far US. This matter of the public talk is a bit realistic, a bit concerned, and to be true, a bit even snobbish. The people round the globe, irrespective of the nationality, religion, and any such other constitutional recognised hurdles of the development, have really taken part in contributing their words in promoting the crazy picture of Mr. Obama. This promotion, wholly, is a Mania.
The importance of this might not be of that in quite a great relevance now, wherein, aftermath of the conformity of the election of Mr. Obama, but, the mania has crossed his political, economic and such other international related arenas and has even stepped into the cultural part of it. This is the pin point of it which makes it to be having an exact reliance of the current life. What is it for a young man of twenty if Mr. Obama calls for our Dr. Singh? What does it matters for a kid of eighth grade when the whole country is roaring in the nuke agreement if he has got the toys of Mr. Obama with him to give the pleasure out of it? Any where, any how, any time, Obama has become the object of typical elemental snob and profit.
It is not only that all the heads of the different countries are concerned about the issue, but also the petty entrepreneur class of every society has definitely speculated their wishes on the future of Obama’s win over John McCain, a Republican and a counter nominee of he US presidential race. In a way, Obama has been an object of profit for all the countries, the respective heads and officials who speculated for having a ‘might-be’ amicable relation with the mono super power in the hands of Obama, and, as a point of current discussion, he has been the mania and also worked out as the profiting element for the business out comers who lavishly speculated the business success on Obama’s pictures, toys, accessories, internet pages and many more which are the exclusive children of Obama’s presidential nomination – the truth lying underneath all these, Obama being the first black nominee in a white land – is unignorably identifying fact. And the positive winning of Obama gave a sigh of relief to all those greedy masters.
 The golden goose now really has started laying the golden eggs satiating the wishes of the masters.  Any ways, the whole world is an admiration of the golden goose. The whole picture will be delighted until the goose laid the golden eggs and the worst might happen when the masters’ wishes of swallowing those golden eggs are reversed and shattered by the unexpected acts of the goose. Let the world be in delight till the end of the year – and after? Shhh!