Obesity is what they called Beautiful
Ronnieta Sarkar | 28 Feb 2011

In Western countries skinny beauty is preferred much even in India too. Beauties are being measured by calories, sharp teeth and many other unnoticed things in some countries.

IT IS said that women are the most beautiful creation of God. But there are varieties of definition of beauty. The lass, who are called beautiful in India, may not be termed the same in Brazil or in America. Every country has own criteria to measure women’s splendour.

In India, Punjavi women are admired because of their long uncut hair. Bengali women catch the glimpse because of their hazel deep eyes. Similarly each region of this country has its own meaning to beauty.

The calorie free body shape is always popular in the western countries. As westernization has entered in our country too, now the hugely maintained fashion tip is to be slim and trimmed.

But African countries rarely have upheld this idea. Especially in Uganda, tribes made beauty tips will keep your mouth half-opened. There, the first and most important criterion of prettiness is to be plump.

In Mauritania of Africa, the five or six aged little maidens are compelled to gulp a mammoth amount of food. This custom of force-feeding is called Gavage. This practice starts from the age of 5 or 6 to 15 (the minimum age for tying the knot). The mothers even do not think twice before giving their daughter drugs for adding some extra weight to their body.
Even the drugs of cows and camels are also used for this purpose. As a result, youngsters possess an enormous body and gain mass of 110 kg, 120 kg, sometimes more as well. Being skinny is a symbol of either poverty or sickness, there. The more a woman is fat, the more she is attractive. Unmarried women too feel proud of being chubby. They grow with the mindset that an overweight woman is every man’s dream and desire. So here comes the different tag of beauty.

What would happen if a fat lady gets divorced after a good fat wedding? Well, they have their ready-to-serve answer too. They believe that a divorced woman is more seductive. Again the more a lady gets divorced, the more she is strikingly beautiful. The mothers, better half the tormentors as well as the daughters, better half the victims, never sense the side effects of flabbiness. The young ones enjoy their seduction capability and mothers look forward for a great amount of dowry from their daughters’ in-laws.

According to the scientific facts, stoutness can cause cardiac diseases, problematic joint etc. But these diseases are limited for those girls who get fattened by gobbling natural foods like camel milk, cereals etc. Once they start consuming the veterinarian drugs, the diseases cross the bounds. Side-effects, such as unexpected cardiac arrest, awfully high cholesterol, renal complications and even deformities, take place.

Well not only Mauritania, in Uganda the girls of its each region have their own way to be stunning. Some knock out their incisor of lower jaw and make a hole through the lower lip to put up a stony pencil. Some engage the village surgeons in etching a designer tattoo on their chest or back once they step into puberty. Some keep their haircut in circular patterns. Some file their front teeth as sharp as arrow points to get a perfect smile. The natural gaps between the upper teeth are also one of their norms of ideal beauty. In some places of Uganda women seldom have bath using water. Instead they use some herbs to clear their skin. But the best of all is to be strong, heavy and large.

In India, the people are also highlighting the positive aspects of obesity. Here new jeans brands are being launched for the healthy curves of women. So some additional kilos are sometimes can take your breathe away.