Of astrologers and palmists
Satbir Singh Bedi | 13 Nov 2014

Well, everybody wants to know about his future but the latter is known to God only. However, there are certain people called astrologers and palmists who tell you your future. They belong to all religions. There are Hindu astrologers and palmists, Muslim astrologers, Christian astrologers as well as Sikh astrologers.

They even claim that astrology and palmistry are sciences. However such is not the case as I know from my personal experience. An astrologer saw my astrological chart and stated that I would die at the age of 45 and the death would be like of the great martyr, Bhagat Singh. However, I am still alive at 69. The astrologer also predicted that I would do work relating to typing and this indeed was true.

Then two palmists saw my palm and stated that I would not live beyond 43 years of age which again is not true. Another palmist saw my hand and predicted that I would die in my sixties. However, yet another palmist stated that I would have a rather long life. However, all the palmists stated that I would be blessed with three children which is true but one of them died in infancy.

They also predicted that I would be suffering from depression and would become deputy secretary. Well these predictions are true. However, I would not say that astrology or palmistry is a science because then all predictions should be true whether made by one person or another. You can of course draw your own conclusions.