Of medical science and doctors
Satbir Singh Bedi | 07 Nov 2014

Medical science is stated to be an exact science and its practitioners, the doctors are placed under the category of scientists. Then how come that Penicillin, a medicine is able to cure many patients but kills a few patients of the same disease, stated to be an allergic reaction.

To cite a practical instance from my life, my uncle was bitten by a swarm of bees. The doctors treating him warned my niece who was looking after him, not to let my uncle sleep otherwise he would sleep for good. Now, this looked strange to me as to how sleep could kill a person who was under medical care?

I have also heard of stories that if a person is bitten by a Cobra, the doctor asks the attendant not to let the patient sleep otherwise he is bound to die. I am still to understand this phenomenon. Then again various medicines cure a patient of a disease but are unable to cure another patient suffering from the same disease and in the same condition.

In this connection, doctors say that a person's will to get cured or to live also helps in his recovery and if a patient has given up his hope to recover, he will seldom recover.

Now, if we come to diagnosing a disease, various doctors diagnose in different manner as I came to know from personal experience. When I felt that something was wrong with my mental faculties, I consulted a psychiatrist and he diagnosed my disease as "endogenous depression". Then after a year or two, I consulted another psychiatrist and he diagnosed my disease as "maniac-depression".

Then I again changed my doctor and the new psychiatrist stated that I was suffering from "Schizo-affective Psychosis". Then I changed my doctor again and she stated that I was suffering from, "Obsession, depression and phobias".

At present, I have been diagnosed as "suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" with dementia. I do not know whom to believe but the treatment is suiting me well. Doctors say that during the course of a treatment, a mental illness is bound to change so that while a drug called "espazine" helped me previously, it is at present absolutely of no use to me.

Let us now move to a Surgeon's knife and how it works. It really shows that medical science is not only a science but an art also. A surgeon can literally save you or kill you. His knife works like a painter's brush. A dash here or there can virtually kill a painting a surgeon's knife will really ensure whether you recover or even whether you live.