Officials of Food and Drug Administration Haryana outsmarting Police by laying traps and sending decoy customers for arresting those indulging in illegal test of sex
Pawan Kumar Bansal | 14 Mar 2014

Officials of Food and Drug Authority, Haryana are now a day’s outsmarting Haryana Police by laying traps by sending decoy women as pregnant for catching those indulging in illegal test of sex of foetus and illegal termination of pregnancy. To check sale of sex determination kits, decoy customers were sent posing as prospective buyers for the machines .

They have posed as guards and labourers .Rakesh Gupta, Mission Director, National Rural Health Mission ,Haryana told that  sting  operation  was conducted  at Clinic of Mahesh Garg of Rohini in Delhi with the help of Decoy Sonia who had posed as pregnant women. Ganga Devi, Pharmacist of Health department Jhajjar who pretended to be sister of decoy and Rakesh Dahiya  official of Food and Drug Administration, pretended as brother in law of decoy Sonia .In other case of Jamalpur Khurd village in Bhiwani district. Manmohan Taneja  got himself stationed 10 m away from clinic in guise of labourer and Sushma Tout(Dalal ) along with decoy patient Reeta and Shadow witness Bimla Lohan boarded a Hansi bound bus from Jind. One of team member Surender consultant National HealthMission also boarded . All  of them on the behest of Sushma boarded Tosham bound bus from Hansi.Team of FDA,Health department and Police followed them in Govt vehicle. Sushma de boarded decoy and Bimla at village,. Jamalpur khurd in Bhiwani district. They were taken to house of Shammi Kant alias Monti where Kavita ANM posted at Bhuna Primary Health Center of Fatehabad district was waiting with pocket sized machine. As soon as patient was made to lie in bed the team barged in to house and caught the accused handed doing ultrasound and recovered  Rs 10000 paid for sex determination from Sushma. In case of illegal sale of sex test  Chinese machines, department   .came to know that  one Satnam Singh Bains is the king pin of sale of Chinese  machines in India. Amandeep Chauhan,,Drug Control Officer, Rewari struck a deal with for purchase of machines on guise of small time dealer.

 Bains agreed to sell two different models machines for Rs one Lakh twenty five thousand and one lakh fifty thousand respectively. As soon as Bains delivered machines to decoy at Manesar industrial area in Gurgaon district  , shadow Amandeep did prefixed sign to Dahiya who was present 20ft away in guise of guard. On call of Dahiya FDA health and police officers caught  hold of culprits with money paid for machines and also seized such 32 portable machines FDA got info that one person namely Vijay Dhandeva was also illegally selling portable  machines from his factory 989 Model Industrial Estate, area of Bahadurgarh in Jhajjar district. A deal was struck on telephone by Amandeep  with the help of decoy Neeraj Tyagi. Said Dhandeva agreed to sell machine for Rs 150000. Dhandeva used to affixed his own company labels in name and  style of Hospicare after removing original name of manufacturer. He was caught red handed with deal money and 12 more machines were also seized from him .Worried over decline of sex ratio which is forcing youth to purchase brides for north eastern states, F.D.A ,Haryana and Health Department has launched campaign against illegal test of foetus  and illegal termination of pregnancy.