Old but still Young
John F Williams | 23 Nov 2011

A partner is a must in life. You might have retired from service or profession but still you may remain young as ever.

A 62-year-old former statistician Natubhai Patel from Ahmadabad has come out with something very interesting rather wild for the senior citizens. Mr Patel realized that there are number of senior citizens who are left lonely and are in the look out of a partner of his or her age.

So Mr Patel recently organized India’s first speed-dating live-in camp that saw about 2,000 people applying. Mr Patel during the live-in camp observed that even at 60+ there is an ample scope to choose a partner at a 24-hour camp. A 2005 University of Pennsylvania study found that most people made their choices within the first three seconds of their meeting.

There had been Good News that some of the participants did manage to meet someone they like. Wonderful. Isn't it?

But the most heartwarming was the fact that some of the folks were brought to the camp by their own children, indeed remarkable. The children are of the opinion that the best way to return the care of their Parents is to hook them with some one nice liked to each other. It was indeed Mr Patel’s Grand Speed Date Session. Hats off to him ! Hope such camps become more popular in the near future in other states too.