Old fashion trends back in demand
nupur sharma | 25 Apr 2011

Old fashion trends of 1970's are back and are being recaptured in modern clothing by Indian fashion designers.

“History repeats itself and so as fashion”. Fashion repeats from time to time. One might think that because of the progress we have made in the area of clothing, we would not look back at our past. However, we all see a resurgence of fashion styles from the past. It seems that old fashion is coming back. Everyone can see that.
Fabric dresses, vibrant colors like red, yellow, green, frilled frocks,  loser pants , jump suits recaptures 1970’s fashion precisely. This newest retro fashion which is in so much hype is all glory of old times.
White color which is hit in designer’s is recaptured back from the times of 1930’s and 40’s. Those beaded neckpieces and bangles are hot choices of today’s Youngistan. More styles including cat suits, playsuits and dungarees are worn by models and actress frequently which came into light again.
Jumpsuit is a real fashion trend which women are buying. According to Isha Sharma, student of Delhi University “time is gone when we used to say no to our mom’s old junk jewelry n dupatta’s. She says she love carrying her mom’s clothes and they suits her well and gets compliments for it.”
This 2011 fashion recaptures 1970’s in all and its glory. Wear old and look gold.