On Environment Day, Punjab Governor plant a sapling at Ferozepur – the land of martyrs
HARISH DIDO | 03 Aug 2015

Punjab Governor Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki, after planting sapling to mark the Environment Day said that this initiative of organizers would certainly help in achieving the Green India Mission in a record time and it will also boost employment, particularly in the rural and tribal areas.

Prof.Solanki said that I am happy to launch tree plantation drive from the Land of Martyrs. He said that trees have many valuable properties and has significant role to play in human life. He said number of  benefits from trees and forests are intangible, a single well grown tree inhales about 20 kgs of carbon dioxide gas per year and gives out oxygen for a family of four persons for a year, this is equivalent to the amount produced by a car driving about 40,000 kms. He said today the globe is warming and we are facing many natural disasters due to an imbalance in the natural systems.  Therefore, we need to plant as many trees as possible to deal with this situation so that a balance can be re-established with nature.

Speaking on the occasion the Governor said, besides their role of producing oxygen, the trees also prevent pollution, increase productivity of soils and provide shelter to a lot of birds, animals and insects which play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance. Similarly, a forest plays many roles from increasing rainfall to enhancing the soil fertility and providing clean water. They provide a number of products from timber to firewood, fruits, gums, resins and so on, he added.