One of the most controversial worship place
Sabey Sherwani | 29 Jul 2008

Its all about the Babri masjid timeline from its existence till now. Its effects aftermath.


One of the most controversial worship place in the world,thousands of people die in this Babri masjid dispute.Here are some facts related to this mosque.
  Babri masjid builts in 1528  by Mir Baqui in the ruling period of Mugals,BABAR ruled that time.
First riots held in Ayodha in 1853,including around 75 dead in that riots.
   In 1859 a pujari capture a part of a masjid & starting devotion.
In the same year 1859,british rulers divided masjid & temple & a wall in between & stop deviation.
 In 1934,Hindu-,muslim riots & a wall & tomb of masjid are destroyed.
In 1949,some people laid statues of GOD & indian govt decided to close the doors of masjid.
   In 1983,VHP starts to built a temple.In 1984,VHP appoints a committee for the sole of babri masjid.
Lal Krishan Advani  takes the charge of that committee.
In 1986,Faizabad district judge permit to hindus for puja in this premesis.In that year BMAC(Babri Masjid Action Commitee) starts.
In 1989,Late.shri Rajiv Gandhi permits for SHILANAYAS built temple near the site of masjid.
 The aftermath effects of this decision is harmfull & voilent to all communities,Riots held in several cities of india on a large scale,more than 5000 people died,crores of property loss govt as well as private,the riots hit in mainly ALIGARH,KANPUR,MERRUT,AHMEDABAD,MORADABAD,MUMBAI N blah...blah...Even shot at seight orders in the riot hit areas months & months curfew imposed in these areas.
In 1990,Mr.Lal Krishan Advani starts a RATH YATRA,this yatra works as a fuel in the fire,the main reason behind all this propaganda for supporting the sympathy of indian people for making own govt in the country.
 About 4 to 6 lacs people reaches AYODHA,some of these are entered in the dispute site,as the result police open firing on the people who try to damage mosque,70-80 people died on that day in Ayodha.
In July'1992,the work for built a temple is starts,near the masjid area,but no harm on masjid.
The Big day comes,6th Day of December1992,Some people reaches in masjid premises starts to damage the mosque,that why the BLACK DAY not only for muslims,but black day for entire humanity.Its really a shame to all humainity.
In the result riots held in several cities of india more than 10,000 people died in that riots mainly in Aligarh,kanpur,merrut, Saharanpur,muzzaffarnagar n blah...blah.
In the place of Masjid a mobile temple is laid down on that site & puja starts.
 In 1993,Mr.NARSHIMA RAO (P.M of india)gave 67 Acre land near Masjid to built a park for RAM KATHA.
In 1994,Honourable Supreme court of india orders that the left sites of masjid are remains same,no harm to remaining masjid.No controversy on disputed land.
In Janvary2002,VHP rejects the order of supreme court & a notice given to all people that RAM TEMPLE built on that disputed place,Ignore supreme court order & also warns the govt(BJP in power)for making Ram temple.
On 16thday feb2002,PM of india,Mr.A.B.VAJPAI says that supreme court finalise the solution & all are accept that order.
On 5thday March2002,VHP & RAM JANAMBHUMI NYAS accept & follow to supreme court order.
On 6thdayMarch2002,Central govt files the case of Babri Masjid in the Allahabad high court.
On 10thday March2002,Muslim personal Law board rejects the formula of KACHI's SHANAKARACHARYA. On 11thDay March2002,P.M conveys to sansad for accepting the decision of SC for disputed land.
On 13th Day March2002,supreme court repeats its decision of 1994,that no harm on disputed land masjid remains on the same place.
  No religion tells about these related issues to any of worship place,who wants there worship place on the blood bath.Never in any religion.Only innocent people are the victims of any kinds of these riots or inhuman issues.