Tina Acharya | 18 Aug 2013

This is an extension of my idea of introspection of our attitude towards our surrounding.I mean what difference it really makes if ONE person turns perfectly RIGHT.?Kya farak padta hai! Farak padta hai

This is an extension of my idea of introspection of our attitude towards our surrounding. 

Every month we (a group of friends) have a fixed outing in a particular day of that month. My friend Rachna owns an INNOVA and we generally use her vehicle to go for outing. Last time we had planned it in a recognized restaurant in a well-known Shopping Mall.

When we reached at the Mall, there was a huge line for basement parking. The security guard at the entrance was not allowing any vehicle (mostly Cars) unless there is an exit. There were more than 15 cars ahead of us waiting for their turn to get in. The other side (in the left side of our cars) of the road was used for the exit on that particular day following the rush. Rachna was driving.  We understood the situation as it is quite common in Mumbai because Space is always a constraint here. All of us were already prepared to wait another at least 20 minutes.

Suddenly Rachna started moving the steering and put the vehicle in the other side (exit one) of the road and moved ahead. It was so quick even I (who was in front sit) could not notice. Surprisingly 2-3 vehicles followed us also. The cars that were already waiting in the queue started honking loudly showing their annoyance and displeasure. But she had already reached near the entrance gate along with the first one. The guard came rushing with a sign of query in his face.

Rachna said……arre bhaya late ho raha hai.

Madam, everybody is waiting here in line. How can you come like this...? Said the guard

Ok! Abb aagayein hain n, abhi janedo….said Rachna

The guard had still annoyance in his face. But didn’t say anything (may be because he saw a group ladies in the car and didn’t like the idea to be rude).Then he allowed us to get in after the first one along with those 2-3 cars behind us….Though I could see him through the side mirror, trying to convince others who were genuinely annoyed with the whole episode. I wasn’t happy at all.

What was that Rachna…..I asked?   What…she said. “You know what I mean….”  I said in little anger

Oh! That one…hey didn’t you see how I managed to get in. Otherwise we would have been waiting there….!

 ome on Rachna…that wasn’t right! You broke the rule. We’re supposed to be in the row and waited for our turn….I said in a little serious tone.

Hey Tina…chill yaar! Chalta hai. Sometime you must be little smart…Or You will be left behind. Every time, who is following the rules?

What chill…I can’t chill like this. And what do you mean by “You will be left behind”? Did you know how much frustrated you made them who were there? Even the guard didn’t like that……”Hey Tina….don’t take it seriously…..I was interrupted by Sonali.  Rules are made only to be broken…right! She said mockingly.

“See Tina…. said Rachna in a very firm voice ….When in Rome Do as Romans Do. Everybody is here doing like this. Have you seen anybody “perfectly” following the rules? At least I haven’t.

Hey guys, Come on stop now….all said unanimously.

Though everybody was aware of my displeasure but all were happy that Rachna saved their time. Mrs.Bina and Mrs. Maya (who were seniors in our group) were not even concern about what happened.  Instead they were talking about the latest fashion and latest sale offers in branded apparels. Other friends were doing chit chat with their own topics.

But one thing…. they knew that I’m a little different in my attitude .I have been given a tag as Ms Ethical. Also I am the youngest in the group. So they started pampering me to raise my mood. Even I realized that there is no point in making them understand as none of them was in any state of accepting it. But I was feeling bad.

Whether it was a COINCIDENCE or GOD’S UNIQUE WAY of doing things…..!!

When we came out of the mall we realized that it had rained heavily. Even it was raining incessantly that time also and the roads were completely flooded with water. And the craters (the path wholes) in road were making it extremely difficult to move. So in short, we’re stuck in a “slow moving traffic snarl”. To make it worst, whenever there was little space to overtake…every time there would have been a two wheeler intrusion.

Rachna…as expected… was losing her patience. She started yelling out ...”What the hell yaar!! These people do not even know how to drive on the road. See how hurried they are as if they are rushing for their marriage! jaise Mahurat nikal jayega

I looked at her then softly said, “I think you’ve trained them personally. Good students!! Credit goes to you”

What do you mean…she was evidently in anger?

You know what I mean…? I said firmly. Few hours before you just behaved like this.

Oh! Come on Dear…..you’re still stuck there?

Yes I do.  It was a wrong act. It was the proof of our wrong attitude towards our surrounding. It was not expected from us. I don’t feel we should say like “everybody is doing this; everybody is doing that…blah blah. We’re no way… in any hurry …even to reasonably justify our action. In fact no wrong action can ever be justified...! Isn’t it?

“Yes Tina you’re right….for the first time Mrs. Maya said. I could feel her realization.

 And Sonali, what you said….Rules is for braking... I said looking at her…exactly!!You’re right! Do you know for whom?”

She had a question mark on her face along with some short of mixed emotion.

“For the defaulters” I said. Because other than them… ALL will either respect the rule or if not suitable will try to change them. But none of them will try to break the rules unlike defaulters.

“Ok...You’re right…said Rachna in a relatively cool voice. I can see her face apprehending the fact. Still she said… but why are you so serious about that. I mean what difference it really makes if ONE person turns perfectly RIGHT.”Kya farak padta hai!

Farak padta hai Rachna…. It makes difference. For ex. Today when you did that wrong act what happened?  some followed you, some might have lost faith in good action as they were betrayed by the situation. May be a child have observed that, we lost the respect of the Security guard….I mean so many chaos with one small wrong act. Can you imagine?

Yes…You’re right! She has become really cool.

And you said “When in Rome Do as Romans Do”…right! Don’t you think that WE should make the Place “Rome” at the first place and then behave as Romans?

And you know what, “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY!”

Now there was really silence. Then after sometime everybody started smiling.

Finally we reached at our society though it was at least 1 hour late. Everybody got down and started thanking me by accepting my points.

At last Rachna came locking her car and said, “You’re right Tina…ONE can really make a difference. See what YOU did… showed us the mirror.”

Wait one last thing…who told you that if you will be in a row and waiting for your turn… then you’ll be left behind…? Never!  Instead your chances will be certain.

This time she really smiled and gave me a tight hug.