Out of frustration and fear of exposure, Akalis are resorting to dharnas
HARISH DIDO | 06 Jan 2015

Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi, MLA, Guruharsahai castigated and ridiculed the Akali Leaders Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa and Prem Singh Chandumajra for staging Dharna at Indo-Pak international border near Ferozepur from today against the Drug menace in Punjab. These two champions of dharnas have never had the courage to raise this issue in the Parliament. Why they had shied away on this issue is a mystery which they ought to reveal to the people?

Sodhi said that this issue was first raised by the Congress Party, which the Akali Dal is now trying to hijack but in a crude manner.

 Sodhi further stated that this is Punjab Government's ploy to deflect the attention of the people from the real issue of mis-governance, non-performance, non-fulfillment of the promises made to the people during the elections in 2007 & 2012, like creating one lac additional jobs for the youths, increase in the pensions for old and widows, shagun scheme, free education and free distribution of cycles to the girl students, distribution of free Lap Tops, besides giving Good governance with zero tolerance for corruption.

Throwing aspersions on the para military forces, who are guarding our borders 24X7 under highly hostile conditions at risk to their personal lives, for cross border smuggling, is fraught with great dangers.   Politicizing such a sensitive issue is highly deplorable.  This is highly unpatriotic and an act of demoralizing our para military forces, he added.

Sodhi further said, the Akali Dal Government's frequent statements maligning neighboring states of Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan for allowing cultivation of narcotic crops which enter into Punjab as transit point for distribution to other states is a lame excuse. The cultivation of narcotic crops in the states of MP & Rajasthan is in vogue since many decades but the menace of manufacture of synthetic drug within Punjab is the phenomena invented during the Akali-BJP rule since 2007 under the patronage of Akali leaders/ drug lords/drug dealers/ peddlers with the active support and collusion of local police officials, hand- picked by the Akali Halqa Incharges.   It has destroyed the youth of Punjab. 

Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi said, the friction between Akali Dal & the BJP and the rat race between them to collect more and more funds by any foul means to ensure  maximum tally of seats in the next elections in 2017 to form Govt. of their own has intensified this competition.  The Akalis are finding alibis to wash their hands of this dirty game.  The recent disclosures made by arrested persons in connection with trans border smuggling of drugs pointing finger towards involvement of senior Akali Dal leaders and the subsequent questioning of the senior leaders, has sent shock waves through their spine. So, out of frustration and fear of exposure, the Akalis are resorting to Dharnas to deflect attention of the people from their nefarious activities.  The people have understood their game and they are not prepared now to be befooled any more.

He furthher stated that the present Akali-BJP Govt. has become a liability for the people of Punjab by sending the economy of the state into tatters.  The BJP is indulging into double speak; running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.  Sodhi advised the BJP leaders in Punjab to be honest to the people of Punjab by either side with the Akalis whole heartedly or leave their company and tread their independent line.  Their double standard is not acceptable to the people of Punjab.  Otherwise, they will have to pay a very heavy price in coming days. 

He counseled the Akalis to refrain from playing with the sentiments of the people and security of the country rather take stern action against the drug lords/ dealers/ peddlers and their masters/supporters irrespective of their status without any bias and with honesty.