Owaisi Hospital- A corporate for poor & needy patients
TR. Madhavan | 26 Dec 2014

I convey my whole-hearted gratitude to the Doctors of Owaisi Hospital for having successfully performed Abdominal Perineal Resection (A.P.R.), a major operation recently to my aged mother with multiple ailments, who is now recovering steadily with the blessings of Almighty.

I have seen many patients having admitted & discharged after undergoing surgeries / treatment successfully during our month long stay. The concern shown towards patients is remarkable. Treatment is affordable. One will wonder that Rs. 20/- (Rupees Twenty only) is collected for consultation of E.N.T. Doctor. Whereas, it is to the common knowledge of the people that not less than Rs. 200/- is charged by such a specialist Doctor practicing in a small mulgi, towards consultation fee. If the people come to know of these facts, they may stop visiting Government Hospitals and start flocking to Owaisi Hospital, to avoid passing through of unending ordeals like, lack of infrastructure, un-hygienic conditions, irresponsiveness, unrest, demand of recurring mamools (bribery) for every service and at times mis-behaviour at lower levels due to non-compliance of their demand. Of course, with exception to few Government Hospitals like Fever Hospital at Nallakunta where matchless services are rendered by the medical fraternity. The services of Doctors in Niloufer Hospital for women and children are also excellent. I recall my bitter experience in Osmania Hospital two decades ago when I was in my teenage, where a leg of my father was amputated in a surgery and after few days my father had passed away due to septicemia. When I was following the dead body of my father being carried-out over a stretcher, we were stopped at the exit point of the hospital, surrounded by a group of supporting staff demanding mamools. When the nearby people intervened and objected, they kept quite for a while and left, but of course, only after complying to their demand. For me, it took time to realize that they are the regular witness to these less-fortunate and unfortunate every day happenings; what difference doest it make to them and in what way they are concerned with the hue and cry and agony of the patients and their attendants, as much they are concerned with their mamools, for which they are addicted to. Demands for regular mamools by supporting staff at lower levels is a common phenomenon in all Government Hospitals irritating the patients and their attendants alike. Its cure is out of purview of the Doctors. The Government should evolve a concrete mechanism to put an end to this and to improve image of Government hospitals among the public. Or else, the people may say "Nenu Ranu Biddo Sarkaru Davakana Ku".