PAIN – Does this word speak about all the pains of our life
Placida Dsouza | 23 Jan 2017

A woman in labour pain screams her life out when her child is just to arrive into the world. The last shout of her pain is followed the first cry of the baby which gives the immense happiness to the mother who cannot get out of the joy of giving birth to a child. God's own blessing to a woman to multiple as many as you can.

Stage 1 :

But speaking about the PAIN, does this pain end here, if you ask me then it NO. Some enjoy life through but what about the unfortunates who have received PAIN as a blessing. PAIN is categories differently for different people. There are people who suffer the PAIN of their child who don't respect their parents and go against their will. In spite of all the security given to them they child gets carried away with worldly things…leaving their parents in tears for life.

Stage 2 :

PAIN is exchanged between husband and wife. Some wives die daily due the PAINFUL habit of their are husband's unchangeable habit of drinking and abusing. There are fights and clashed everyday day between them both. The poor wife still has to wide up the last course of her work and wipe before she goes to sleep, its so PAINFUL but she has to balance her heart and brains both for the next fresh day. Relationships gives lots of PAIN. It becomes difficult to maintain them sometimes.

Stage 3 :

PAIN faced during sickness is another PAINFUL phase of life. Its takes life to another level. Children loosing parent in their younger age due to sickness, so sad, how are they to live life without their pampering. Life is going to be so hard to them. They will have to learn everything without their's guidance. Spouse losing their partner before time or during a very young age. What incomplete life without a spouse. The further enjoyment of their lives is just stopped or ended. Husband/wife are left all alone for the rest of their life only with fond memories, its PAINFUL.

At different stages in our life we all go through some PAINFUL situations but while we still faces such situation we always end up saying "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND PAINFUL BUT ITS ALL PART AND PARCEL OF LIFE"