Pakistan enacts tough laws to curb militancy but it will strengthen Army's hands.
Satbir Singh Bedi | 10 Jan 2015

President Mamnoon Hussain of Pakistan on Wednesday signed the 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill of 2015 as well as the Pakistan Army Act 1952 Amendment into law at the Presidency.

Both bills were approved in the Parliament yesterday.
The Parliament had adopted the 21st Constitutional Amendment Bill and the The Pakistan Army amendment Bill 2015 unopposed after 247 Members of National Assembly along with the Senate voted in favour of the laws aimed to set up constitutionally protected military courts to try civilian terror suspects.
Speaking in the Senate yesterday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had spoken as to why it was necessary to pass the amendment bill.
"This bill is about military courts trying hardcore terrorists who kill Pakistanis...this is an important day for Pakistan when the nation decided that terrorists will be taken out from the roots," he had said.
The Presidency received literature of the bills last night from the Parliament's secretariat and these were tabled at the Presidency this morning. After the president's signatures, the Law Ministry notified the official gazette of Pakistan.  However, the measures are being opposed by JUI-F and Imran Khan who feel that it would weaken the Pakistani democracy and strengthen the powers of the Army leading to Army take over.  The Bill and the Amendment would surely ensure that the writ of the Army runs in Pakistan but then Pakistan Government has few options seeing that throughout the world, terrorists are running riot. In a fresh incident, a woman police officer has already been killed in Paris.