Parents are real place to worship
rhythm | 15 Dec 2009

it is an article based on the relation between parents and children....

Parents are the real place to work-ship
IT HAS been said that if any person on this earth has done any thing wrong and want to confess his/her guilt there is no other better place than parents. They are God, they are such two great personalities sent by God on this earth to make our life beautiful that no other person can make.
The two most purest words on this earth ‘mother’ and ‘father’.
A baby when take birth and comes out from its mother’s womb into the world which is full of emotions and lots of unusual things, he/she is simply not aware of anything that is going around him/her. They are not aware that in which kind of family they have taken birth or in what circumstances they have been given birth.
This is not a mistake of a child or of a mother who has given birth that they belong to a middle class family. This is all what we called ‘destiny’ or ‘luck’. Many children are born like as we say with golden spoon in their mouth. This is all about time and luck that some people before taking a ticket to get into this world get with themselves. This all is about luck but as far we talk about destiny it can be changed as per any individual’s thinking and will power.
A normal middle class person’s daily life is just full of tensions. Till the time the parents who belong to a middle class tries out best for their children what-so-ever they can do, it is not a quote that has been said- ‘Parents used to stop fulfilling their own needs for their children so that their children could get everything that they want’. Its all true, this happens and this is not only applied to the parents who belong to middle class, this is for each and every parents who survive on this earth whether belonging to a middle class, lower middle class or rich class. After all parents are parents and no one can take their place. Parents are the second image of God.
The time comes when this child who takes birth in a middle class family turns out to be a teenager and comes to know everything about his family, this is the time when a child is able to understand each and everything. Children when grown-up have many requirements which are not possible for some parents to fulfill but then also somehow parents fulfill it, whether by hook or crook.
Who says that parents don’t love their children? Now this is what we say as a mentality and thinking of a child when he/she grows up. The culprit is no one else, the culprit are the children who thinks so simply that their parents don’t love them, every time they used to scold them on one or the other things. But children never think that why their parents do this, they don’t get any award or happiness in scolding them or beating them they just simply want that they should become a good human being and do well in life. They don’t want that the mistakes they have done in their life, their children repeat them and get hurt afterwards.
A normal human being does everything for his family in order to see smiles on their faces, but the biggest attack for any middle class parents is when their own child being knowing everything about his family’s condition then also instead of helping out his parents go on the wrong track and makes his parents life more worst than the life they are already living. Sometimes it happens that condition of a family is really critical financially, at that time the biggest support for the parents our none other than their own children. But at this very critical situation when children doesn’t understand and do whatever they want to do make their life and as well as their parents life terrible.
Parents give out their whole life for their children but children can never understand that. There are
Some children who have that sensibility to understand their parents problem, they understand and know very well that what all sacrifices their parents had done for them, but they are many who doesn’t have this curtsey to understand it.
If children go back in their past and think about the time when they have taken birth, how much pain their mother’s have taken to bring them into this world, the real person who have given them this opportunity to live this life. And today when that children are grown up, able to do everything  because of whom their parents children usually forget them and get busy into their lives. Once the children got married they forgot everything each and every special moment that they have spend with their parents, and now the time when they need them the most the children are not with them which is something really shameful.
If the children are not able to understand their parents and are not helpful to them , they have no rights to live on this earth. Parents have responsibility for their children till the time they have completed their studies, got married and get settled, after that it’s the responsibility of the child to take care of his parents. But usually they are very few children left in this world who being after getting married settled with their parents and give them every happiness of life.
Parents never wanted anything in terms of money from their children, instead of one thing that is their children should get well settled and do well in life.
If children on their own when they start earning gets anything which is whether too small or big for their parents is something really special for them and this is what make them proud.
If we take an example of a father belonging to a middle class family and his dream is to fulfill all the needs of his children and family, he will do anything, he will simply work double to what he actually do’s. He will work overtime also for his children and its not just the words it’s like this is reality, this is what actually happens! Same goes for mother too, the one lady who after marriage gives her whole life for her husband and children too. Whether being a house wife or working as an employee in some or the other company this is the person who more than a father (a male person), it’s not that father’s don’t work hard but when it comes to women then she is the only one who has to listen from all four sides being doing best for everyone, her husband working whole day coming at night being tired shouts at her wife for no reason, from the other side her children shouts on their mother if something is mistaken by mistake whether it’s related to food or anything, for a while also the children don’t think that how much tired their mother could be working whole day long, but children as usual wants one or the other reason to take out their frustration and this is often seen that children mostly shares everything with their mother and mostly take out their all frustration by shouting on her which is not right.
Mostly, it is seen that children’s are more free to their mother than a father but children’s can never understand one thing and can never be clear about a thought that they have in their mind that father’s always used to scold them, beat them and sometimes abuses also, but he is the one man who loves his children the most, but the only problem they can’t express their love.
Children’s should understand their parents problem and try to become their support instead of shouting at them unnecessarily. Children have no rights to misbehave with their parents, children without parents are nothing, if today any parent’s snatch up their hands from their children’s head then who are they, nothing, children without father’s name is nothing, it’s just like an empty bottle that is of no use, their will be no identity left with the child.

                                                                                                                      Rhythm Talwar
                                                                                             Student B.A. Mass Communication 2nd year