Participant commits suicide, is that Rakhi ka Insaaf?
Neetu Banga | 13 Nov 2010

After being commented upon rudely by the host, being pronounced guilty and called impotent by our very own Rakhi Sawant, contestant slips into depression and eventually dies. Who is responsible?

THE CHALLENGING reality TV show in which tries to solve domestic tussles in people’s homes in a soup.

In the show ‘Rakhi ka Insaaf’, which is recently being telecast on NDTV Imagine and hosted by bold and outspoken drama queen Rakhi Sawant, a contestant allegedly committed suicide after being insulted by Rakhi on the show.
Her act of agony aunt has gone horribly wrong with the death of participant Laxman Prasad as she had harshly called him ‘impotent’ on show in the front of studio audience.
It raises big questions as to who is monitoring reality shows that try to handle such sensitive issues without any professional knowledge.

In one of episode Laxman Prasad appeared with his wife to resolve his martial dispute, where host Rakhi Sawant passes her rude judgment. It appears that after her remarks he went home depressed.

“My son was so upset when Rakhi called him impotent on show, while trying to sort out the dispute between him and his wife. Upset on this my son went into acute depression and even stopped eating. He gradually became weak and frail and ultimately died.’ said Savitri Ahirwal, mother of 25-year old Laxman Prasad.

The UTV chose not to edit out her comments when episode went on air that was shot four and five weeks ago. The episode ended with Laxman being held guilty and his wife refusing to reunite with him. Later, reports and his family alleged that he was depressed and died due to Rakhi’s comment.

The UTV refused to give an official statement but offering different versions of the events. It claimed that he has died a natural death because he was unwell. Another version says that Laxman had drunk himself to death. He was admitted to hospital and passed away soon after.

“No one but Rakhi Sawant is responsible for the untimely death of our son,” said a family member of Laxman. The family plans to take legal action against Sawant and show. There has been no case of suicide or FIR registered by the local police or the hospital, which would be mandatory in a case of suicide.

Who is to blame Rakhi Sawant or the Channel? The channel has a moral responsibility of providing clean and ethical program which is being watched by millions and it affects not only participant even viewers in a negative way. Rakhi Sawant is just celebrity and she is not qualified to handle complicated real life issues. Answer rests with regulatory body. Before telecasting any reality show, regulatory board must be ensure that it should not affects in anyone in a negative way.