Passenger safety can't be compromised: Aviation authorities
John F Williams | 07 Jan 2012

Though some airlines are going through a rough phase, civil aviation authorities have made it clear that funds would be made in available to them so that the safety of the passengers isn't compromised.

UNDOUBTEDLY, AIR safety in the aviation industry remains on top and we cannot afford taking any risk thereof. Besides the cost factor of an aeroplane, more important is the value of the passengers.

There may be a King, Queen, President, Prime Minister, Scientist, top Businessmen, Army, Air Force, Navy, Minister etc of a country. We can’t afford to lose any of them irrespective of their status due to lack of safety measures or untrained Pilots.

I remember the days when we used to take Quality Control classes of the Officers and the Staff who were handling ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel ) used to fuel the Aircrafts, Civil or Defence and the very 1st lesson used to be, “You can apply brakes to stop your vehicle any where you feel like but a Pilot cannot afford to apply its brakes in the mid air, fearing an engine snack or due to bad fuel supply in its quality. Safety is the most important factor in the aviation Industry and we can’t ignore it any cost.’

 Mr Bharat Bhushan, the Director, DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) the other day in his Press Release has stated that, “All airlines are going through a difficult patch financially, our challenge is to see that this financial difficulty does not reflect on safety.”

He has very specially mentioned the names of Kingfisher and Air India Express who are not doing well in the trade but have been assured that the funds are available in abundance if it required for safety measures/ equipment etc and not for the training of the pilots, infrastructure. Crores of rupees are being invested to procure the latest landing/ taking off and other safety equipment to maintain the safety of the airlines on the top priority. Air Force has its own complete safety set up under the strict/ complete control of an officer of the Rank of Air Marshal. Indeed the announcement is very encouraging and useful for the Aviation Industry as a whole.