Past, present and future
Vinod Anand | 23 Jun 2011

Everyone says that it is important to stay in the present but very few people can actually achieve such a feat. However, one should always try to achieve this goal as this is the best manta to have a peaceful life.

PAST IS history, future is mystery, and present is the gift of God. We should, therefore, enjoy it fully. There is a continuous and endless flow of moments. The present moment immediately submerges into the past, and the next moment comes in the present. The essence of what I am saying is summed up in the following couplet.
Lamhe Aatein Hain Jaate Hain Sajane Shamma Mehfil Ki,Hamein Fursat Nahi Milti Usi Se Dil Laggane Ki.
Past can never be forgotten, but one must focus only on happy moments. We quite often get worried by remembering past things, and ponder over the future. Future is of two kinds: hazy and focused. Focused future is something, which can almost be visualized .It depends on the third eye. Hazy future on the other hand is that which can never be visualized.
Once you think with strength as to what is going to happen in the coming moments then you can find a way to face the problem. In other sense, if you have a vision, you will have a mission, and you would surely succeed and tackle the problem (if any) that comes to you. In fact, every problem has a solution, if not the very best then the second best, or even the last best. This is fully proved in the Theorem of the Second Best in the science of Economics. If there is no problem, there will be no solution. This is how life goes on. I am sure my readers will follow these prescriptions to keep peaceful and happy.