Past to sell, Present to act and Future to save Packers and Movers
ramankishore | 31 May 2010

What is in a tense! We all think about them in different ways. We describe them in different ways. We have narrow perception about them and now I try to give one more meaning about tense.


What is in a tense! We all think about them in different ways. We describe them in different ways. We have narrow perception about them and now I try to give one more meaning about tense.

We all cherish about our past. Just go to any one, meet any one, every one wants to talk about past, everyone wants to justify past. You will find that some way or other, most of the people all around world is eager to have meaning of past incidences and want to keep past memorabilia as pride possession. I always wonder about that why most of us doing such practices. Why we spend a lot of time in something, which is already happened. And I found the reason, those past sales. You can sale your past, other's past as well, it is this phenomena that make people to restore past intact. Packers and Movers, Movers and Packers  

If you want to earn praises then you need to justify your past. Most of us used to magnify it and we all are rich with past. Just read any literature and the opening stanza describes how magnificent the past was of so and so. So we all cherish past due to its monetary significance! Because it enhances our fame, if our past was significant then it increases our reliability-credibility.



As an object becomes older and older it becomes precious and it is the past, which adds up the value, it is really amazing that past is become more and more important because it can be sold. Packers and Movers Bangalore

I am not fan of past but it is reality. Though I also agree that not everything is salable, which is older, but when you look in the details, everything has past. Once a thing has been created, immediately it becomes past. Whatever is under process, in the making is in present. Rest is past!

Just take example of Modern medicines, they have life of few days, months or years depending on it's content. You can sale these medicines before the expiry date, so here also you find that past sales. Packers and Movers Hyderabad

The actual reason behind this is the expectation to gain wealth and fame. Who ever is behind these two expectation is in the selling of past, you can sale past because whatever you sale is already been made and ready to dispatch. Just imagine can you find anything, which is yet to make can be sold? You can make commitments, make deal to sale something in future or days to come, but actually when you sale, it becomes an object of past. You can sell only made, not in the making because it is present. In present you can only act, but when you sale something it is already made. No one will buy half baked cake, which is in the making, that is what I say so once it is ready any one would buy, and once something is made the past is already attached there!  Packers and Movers Delhi












When it comes to present, it is to act it can not be sold, there is no past or future but only action and you can only enjoy the present. Because we can be in present, we can enjoy present. You can only sell those things those are completed, till then keep enjoying your act. Thus present is to act.

When it comes to future you aspire to do something for future. We humans think of future. So we store things for future. We save money for future. We spare thoughts for the future. You all have something for future to live. Most of us say something like this; I spare a thought for future. I spare this thing for future. So anything, which can be stored, is for future. You do not need to store anything for present or past but for future, which is for saving. It could be food, clothes and shelter or any thing that money can buy under the Sun. So future is for saving. Packers and Movers Pune, Packers and Movers Noida