Pathania tears apart machismo , half-baked facts on Accession, Article 370, fundametalist politics
Akoul | 31 Jan 2017

While speaking in the assembly amongst vociferous outbursts and unwanted interruptions by the opposition members, Mr Ranbir Singh Pathania MLA Ramnagar dwelt on the need of tolerance and mutual co-existence, he said that radicalism and extremism seem to have taken better of the things-that-be in Kashmir.

He dwelt on treaty of Amritsar, battle of Tibet, conquest of Ladakh, Gilgit and Baltistan and instrument of accession, the way valiant forces had struggled to build the state of Jammu and Kashmir and make it as a proud entity in the entire world. He referred to lord mountbatten's letter, UN resolution and ultimate surrender by UN committee declaring 'failure of UN resolutions as Pakistan has not cooperated'. he also condemned and deprecated politics of opportunism, deceit and double- speak who are trying to take better of saner, nationalist, secular elements in J and k. Time is ripe that we allow greater pragmatism and optimism to prevail. He also dwelt on historical, justiciable rule of Maharaja Hari Singh, who was a pioneer in starting female education, exquisite health system, responsive administration and said 'Justice is my religion ' . he also lauded epoch- making rule of Bakshi Ghulam Mohd. He also dwelt in detail on section 6 of Government of India Act, 1935,   India independence act, 1947, cabinet mission memo dated 12-05-1945, section 3 and 147 of J and K constitution and section 1 of Indian constitution which unequivocally dispel any doubts and double- speaks about J and k's accession to India and affirming it as integral part of India. He also took a dig at Omar Abdulla for making derogatory comments on Judiciary. He also warned the government that its resolve to develop Jammu as an independent tourist destination should not become a slogan and demanded a separate tourism development authority at Dudu basantgarh. He also sought detailed inquiry into the SRE scam which involved bungling of hundreds of crores of f public money.

Assembly witnessed hot-and-sour scenes between Forests Minister, Lal Singh, and  Ranbir Singh Pathania MLA Ramnagar during debate on his starred a/q. With full authority and vehemence at his command, Mr Pathania was at the peak of his lung power, Reply is incomplete , evasive, half-hearted and misleading'. minister has not provided list and number of saw-mills running in violation of Supreme Court directives and the reasons for making premature transfers have also not been spelled out. Minister tried to counter but he was again rebuffed by MLA who later on walked out of the house in order to register his protest. and Minster was almost dumb founded with no answer to the queries and concerns of the MLA. the entire house shouted 'Shame' 'shame'.

The MLA had also sought details of encroached forest land in the state.

The govt.  failed to provide  the exact details of the encroached  forest land.The reply further revealed that despite tough stand taken against encroachment by the govt. and rescue of 4589.66 Hectares of forest land in 2016-17, still 16.30 hectares of forest land is held by 59 encroachers including politicians,bureaucrates and influential people.at prominent tourist places i.e, Patnitop; Gulmarg ; Pahalgam; Sonamarg; Verinag; Achabal ;Daksum and Aharbal, reply from the govt.revealed.

Mr Pathania further sought from the govt. the measures being taken to check the 'Monkey-Menace' in the State.

The reply provided by the govt. reads that department is planting of fruit trees is being carried  out in order  to create suitable conditions for Monkeys and wild animals in forest.Moreover. the department has taken number of steps to address monkey menace in the areas affected by this nuisance which includes

Trapping of monkeys & their translocation to some other areas. Furthermore the cages are also installed where from complaints have been received.