GAYATRI ARORA | 18 Feb 2011

The scenario changes,so does the concept of Patriotism.The sense of patriotism if compare to the past, is certainly shifted from a larger than life of an extra ordinary brave men dying of the enemy's bullets, to suave and sophisticated gentlemen.


"Breathes there a man,with soul so dead who never to himself hath said This is my own native land"

The love for the nation has always been one of the favourite themes for poets and writers.Indians realized themselves to be a nation only under the colonial regime of the British and rose like Phoenix to take revenge against all those things done wrong by the then supreme power.

Mahatma Gandhi may be remembered and reversed the most,but he was just one of those whod put their whole life on stake to see India free from the chains of bondage.Chander Shekhar Azad,Bhagat Singh,Subhash Chandra Bose,Vallabh Bhai Patel,Lala lajpat Rai are the few names whose contributions made this nation free-the freedom which we take for granted today,the freedom which we cannot emboss to play around with.That was the age of passion,when youth barely out of their teens,denounced the wordly pleasures and lived a life devoid of safety and comfort,just to see the people of the nation breathe fresh air and see that ideologies gained supremacey over everything else.

But today, with just a little more than five decades gone after the struggle,how many people would come forward for the sake of their nation?How many bright youngsters are ready to leave their white the collar jobs and be a part of the revoloution of social improvement?But then,is giving your life to the nation the ultimate service?Or has the world changed tremendously to alter the very defination of patriotism itself?Should we stick to the sterotypes of the past heros to identify the leaders of today?Or should we analyze things in the present perspective to go deep into the matters?Marshall Mcluhan's concept of the "global village" has become the mantra in today's world.

The sense of patriotism has certainly shifted from a larger than life image of an extra ordinary brave man dying to the enemy's bullets,to suave and sophisticated gentleman,who earns for himself and his family and is successful.Beside all this,he feels proud to be an Indian and comes back to India to contribute to the welfare of the people here.

The world changes,the society changes,because the people living in it change,so does the concept like "patriotism".The real sense of duty towards the nation in this globalized world is not to fight an external enemy,rather be friends to them.But,how to fight the dragon lying within?How to fight the internal enemy present in the form of a rotten system which is making us hollow day by day?Is everybody ready to face this challenge to prove his/her patriotism?