PCJ salutes the selfless woman behind every human being this Mother's Day.
ajay | 04 May 2012

1gm 22 kt gold coin will be given free on purchase of Rs. 30000 and above of diamond jewellery.

Maa,  Aai,  Mutter,  Madre,  Mater,  Mommy,  Mama   –  whatever an endearing term we call her, it definitely points to one and only figure, our Mother. A person that no one in this world can live without. With her nurturing nature and undying love she exudes in many wonderful ways that make us truly feel that we belong. Without her, life would be an empty space that no one could fill up. It’s like being lost and wandering aimlessly without any right direction or purpose. Her beautiful soul is indeed a good example for us to serve, accomplishand persevere. Finely described as a wonderful woman, so gentle yet so strong Known for her absolute patience though foolishness ariseswithin her children.
The great teacher, that gives you guidance whenever one asks for it. And a true friend and confidant, who is the fountain head of comfort, a cushion when we fall and the best source of hope and inspiration
in times of strife. With the power of two, we conquered all the confusing obstacles in life through cooperation and rooted emotional support.

PC Jeweller salutes the mother and proud to celebrate Mother’s day with jewelleryb that is as pure as her. On this occasion between 8th to 15th may 1gm 22 kt gold coin will be given free on purchase of Rs. 30000 and above on diamond jewellery.