Shenna Albert | 24 Feb 2011

It's about PDA and the reaction Indians have towards it ,... also it has few cases in the papers as examples

PDA- Please Don’t Agitate! India is a land of diversity. So many people, so many religions, so many beliefs. No wonder constant clashes are observed here. We talk about tolerance and acceptance, then why is it hard to practice the same. PDA is made a big into a big mockery and issue to be addressed, where we have so many other issues of much more importance like domestic violence, water shortage, corruption and so on.
In a city like Mumbai, where there is so much going on overtly and covertly, it’s astonishing how such a minor incident is given so much importance to when there are so many issues that need to be catered to and brought to the notice of the citizens so as to mobilize public opinion and support and fight for the cause. Public Display of Affection can be any form of affection. So does that mean a Father carrying his child on his shoulder should be prevented to do so? A brother holding his sister’s hand should be looked at with disgust? A boy and girl hugging in public should be cursed to be so shameless? Really? Right to Freedom is a fundamental right as per the Constitution and it includes Freedom of Expression! The issue of Mangroves being used as love nests, as reported by the Mumbai Mirror, is just one example of how we Indians are not ready to release our grip on age old beliefs and customs.
This issue could have been dealt in a different manner. The people who were caught by the police were innocent. They must have decided to have a good time there for reasons of anonymity, affordability and so on. It’s not like they went out in the open doing profane things! The cops taking them into custody must have been so embarrassing for them. 14th Feb is feared by most couples for reasons of being beaten up if seen together by groups of orthodox people, who have zero entertainment quotient in their lives, so start encroaching upon lives of others and creating a big show out of petty issues. I was taken aback when I saw a campaign against PDA in my own college.
It had to be for a project I guessed. It is surprising how young adults like us, who crave to live in an atmosphere that is ‘cool’, who are influenced so much by western culture, agitate against their own set of values! Affection, in the end, is a form of love itself. We are taught to love one another since kindergarten and sometimes even beyond graduation. Nobody specified whom to love and who not so why cry about it now. Every person is entitled to enjoy his privacy and rights, as long as it doesn’t affect others. As for sentiments of others, I think it’s high time they reprogram themselves.
This is the 21st century and India has evolved in every field, be it music, food, beliefs, clothing, education, politics, etc. So it would be nice if we accept love in every form and not ridicule or tag people just for the sheer reason of PDA.