PDP Coming up with Rising Kashmir
Rajni Gupta | 05 Mar 2008

In Kashmir, the political war has been taken to cyberspace as the elections are coming closer and closer. Pro Indian parties are trying their best to entice population of the Kashmir by launching websites.

Jammu, March 04: The state of Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing a fast change in the forth estate as new news papers and television channels are mushrooming in the valley.A new news paper under the name of "Rising Kashmir" will soon hit the stands. However people are skeptical about the paper. "it will be agency based news paper because the owner is simply a journalist. How can he effort such a huge project." Said Raja, a local journalist.
"Also the paper is offering a hefty amount of salary, which clearly indicated that it is baked by some agency" he added.
"we are getting good salary, it hardly matters for us whether it comes from agency or political party." Said employee of the paper, maintaining his identity for security purposes.
However highly sources revealed, "Peoples Democratic Party, a regional political party of the state is gearing up its political thought with new ventures and is coming up with its own mouth piece under the name of 'Rising Kashmir'."
"it is a good change in the valley that political parties are coming up with their own news papers", said Omer , a political activist.