peace always brings prosperity & development, and hate brings destruction : UNWIHW Award winner Saeed Khan Falahi
T. A. Khan | 02 Mar 2017

In commemoration of Annual UN Observance Week, The World Interfaith Harmony Week, an event "The common people's activism towards a common peace through common grounds of religions is inevitable for global peace." has been organized at Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh in India by renowned peace and human rights activist Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi.

Alike every year, Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi organized the celebration of the WIHW with folks of men, women & children from all sections of societies, comprising various programs to promote acts of peace, interfaith harmony, collaboration, mutual dialogue, coexistence, reconciliation and tolerance between people of all faiths, cultures and spiritual traditions.
In this event various beautiful programs including All religions prayer for interfaith harmony and global peace,  A public declaration of all community leaders to remain united with a spirit of mutual love, respect, coexistence, compassion & tolerance in order to foster peace & harmony,  Children for peace and brotherhood,  Interfaith harmony Lunch, Join heart & soul program have been performed successfully with active participation of general public in order to strengthen the spirit of interfaith harmony, mutual love, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness and coexistence among all human beings of different faiths and also to spread the message of UN World Interfaith Harmony Week to general masses in order to popularize the theme of WIHW among the people of all faiths. Hundreds of people from different faiths mainly Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist & Christian were present on this occasion to promote interfaith harmony mutually.
 In his address, Saeed Khan Falahi express his concerns over increasing intolerance and violent religious extremism in several parts of India & the world, and further he appealed all persons to live in peace and harmony following the common grounds of their religions to foster the spirit of mutual love, tolerance, acceptance and coexistence. He insisted the people of all faiths to respect the religious & spiritual feelings of others in order to strengthen interfaith harmony everywhere. He further emphasized that we all must develop the values of humanity inside us as we all are human beings and basically all of us are originated from same source.
People of all the religion gathered to attend the event and took the lunch together. Since the voting day is approaching in the five states of India including Uttar Pradesh, some anti-social elements may try to increase the differences between people of different religions to improve their vote banks.
Considering the sensitivity of the situation, Saeed Khan Falahi & all speakers urged the attendees to report the issue to police if someone asks to give vote in the name of religion. They advised people to remember that we all are tied with only one religion and that is humanity. Exercise your vote for a true leader who thinks about you as a human being not as a Muslim or Hindu or Christian.
Most of the attendees of the event were Muslim children and they tried to convey a message to general public that none of the terrorist is a Muslim. Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi stated that "It is the best way for building a peaceful world for all of us and for our coming generations is to teach and inspire children for peace, love, compassion, humanity, tolerance and coexistence".
Muslim preachers & Imams, Christian Fathers, Hindu & Sikh religious preachers prayed for love and harmony among all religions in order to establish world peace and that ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban, Al-Shabab, Al-Qaida and all terrorist groups in India & the world be removed from their roots in order to save humanity. It is also prayed for all the innocent people who have been killed by ISIS and all other terrorist organizations in India & the world.
On that occasion Mr. Saeed Khan Falahi asserted that  ISIS, BOKO HARAM, Al SHABAB and all other terrorists groups are devils who are only blood sucker wolves. The sentiments of Muslim community of India is completely with the victims of terrorism in all parts of the world. A true Muslim follows Islam, which preaches peace not terror and if someone spreads terrorism and says he is a Muslim then that person is only trying to defame Islam. Terrorism has no religion because all the religions talk about peace and brotherhood and a terrorist does opposite to what a religion says.
Saeed Khan Falahi asserted that "Humanity is my religion and I believe myself to be a son of Adam and Eve alike all other human beings on earth. This simply means that all the humans are my brother and sister then why should someone discriminate just because of our religion. Religion can be a positive force to bring people closer not a tool of creating hate between people as some politicians do. This is a sensitive time when politicians try to disturb the communal harmony to get votes and we all should think sensibly for the right candidate while voting.
Lastly,  Saeed Khan Falahi urged the authorities to take effective measures to ensure strong frame work of interfaith harmony among the people of all religions, faiths and beliefs for achieving a satisfactory growth of sustainable development in India as peace always brings prosperity & development, and hate brings destruction.