People expects charisma from Modi: Five states election is 'semi-final' for PM post
HARISH DIDO | 03 Oct 2013

People expects charisma from ModiFive states election is ?semi-final? for PM postDespite all odds in the BJP, Narendra Modi has been declared as the sole candidate for the post of Prime Minister and in such circumstances, the elections to five states - Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram - being given the name of 'semi-final', the waiting for roaring of Modi in Delhi, known as the Lion of Bharat Maa? is but natural.

 The results of five states would come as a boost to Narendra Modi and BJP ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.Whatever Narendra Modi said in Delhi needs to be analyzed as to what message has been given and what would be the image of the politics in the coming days? It is necessary because Narendra Modi may be speaking at any place, it may be in Bhopal or Delhi, he always talks about the politics in center because during the last two days, the Indian politics has changed its tracks.In fact, during the state assembly elections, the national issues are not discussed broadly whereas the factual position is that now a day, the elections to the Lok Sabhas are also contested on state-to-state local issues. This is the reason; Narendra Modi is working on the theory of contesting the elections of Lok Sabha in the states by diverting the attention of national issues also. The way Modi has lambasted on Manmohan Singh and Rahul, known as Prince of Congress and raised the issue of weak policies of the government, it looks that in the coming days the election campaign will be concentrated on exclusively on nationalism.Looking at the working of the Modi, he is the only candidate who after earth quakes in Gujarat in 2001 has again brought the state on the fore-front. Not only in India, now Gujarat has become a symbol of development, peace and example at the global level?. History is a witness to this that the society has never gone weak and there have been over-all development with the strong leadership and this vacuum is being filled with the elevation of Modi?. People have started expecting that shortly the nation will be out of despair and dejection and touch the heights of development under the leadership of Modi. Frankly speaking, Narendra Modi is not now Chief Minister of Gujarat but more a candidate for the august office of Prime Minister of India. The recent rallies by Modi shows that he wants to individualize the politics charisma around him as the BJP and RSS, both are having high expectations from him. It is now to be seen as to how Modi is successful in the mission, only the time will tell. Over to time!