People's President (Good man) v/s Destroyer (Bad man)
Placida Dsouza | 31 Jul 2015

Two different people belonging to the same mother land but having different values towards the welfare of the people

30th July, 2015 – will be marked as a remarkable day because "The People's President , Sir AJP Abdul Kalam and "The People Destroyer – Yakub Menon" will embrace mother earth.

Speaking about Sir Kalam – The Missile Man, it's a great honor that India had him as a President - a person full of mission and vision to make India number one in all fields and mostly in the field of Technology and Science. If one starts talking in praises of Sir Kalam, it will just go on and on. What a man? He proved himself in all fields. Enlightening the minds of the younger generation is a challenge and sir AJP Abdul Kalam managed to do so. The younger generation who had much to learn from him are now left in despair, but the vision that Sir Kalam had, will never go waste. The younger generation and true followers will live upto the dream of sir Kalam, to take India to the next level. Sir Kalam, dedicated his life in bringing enlightenment to kids who shared his dreams. He tender opportunity to every student who needed to prove themselves. Isn't he a great teacher as well?

Not only in India but Sir Kalam has marked his recognisation world wide which is an inspiration to all the youngsters worldwide. Words might fall short if Sir Kalam efforts are to be noted down. Hats off to such a man who was selfless and dedicated towards his dream. To human beings too he did not show any discrimination and all were treated at the same level. Its too soon that Sir Kalam has left us. What he has taken with him is all our respect and gratitude that each one felt for him at National and International level. May Almighty give courage to his family members and his close colleagues to overcome this loss ………………..May his soul rest in peace

On the other hand its Mr.Yakub Menon - terrorist, who has masterminded a bomb blast in his own land killing so many innocent souls, what can one learn from him. He will never be respected by anybody or nobody would like to make him a ROLE MODEL……………………..it is such a shame. How can a person plan to destroy his own mother land, what would be the benefit of doing this thing. I think Mr.Menon must have not even thought in his dream that he will loose his life in death sentence for killing so many innocent people. Those people all had just gone to earn their daily bread which was source to feed their family. For those people it was a destiny decided by a evil thought, poor people must have never even imagined they will have to say bye to life unknowingly.

Today is the day that both the souls one a SAVIOR and other a BITRAYER are buried in the heart of our MOTHER EARTH in their respective home town.

Good and bad………………lets bid both the soul a good bye………May their soul Rest In Peace