Philop Sharky Released from Wolverines
SFF | 04 Mar 2008

Well it's offical Sharky has been released by the Wisconsin Wolverines. Many had imagined this would happen. Sharky voiced displeasure with the organzations direction and attitude towards players. The Wolverines still had a good season going 10 - 6 but had a painful playoff loss to the Minnesota Manta Rays in the wildcard round. This further aggravated both sides. Sharky after the loss said "I'm completly frustrated... I was playing my guts out but it felt when the going got tough the coaching staff wasn't there and the players gave up.." Many former Palatine Sharks players left to go to the Wolverines including Sharky, Hammers, and Ray. The team had a good season by any means of an expansion franchise yet morale appears to be low. This really hurts the Wolverines. Espically considering Sharky may be the best player in the league.

Where he will end up is up to discussion many feel he will end up back in Palatine where he was cheered even on a rival team. Others think he might end up on the Gainesville Gators who lost to the bulls in the Palatine championship game but made it to the playoffs every NHA season. While others think he may end up to be the missing piece in teams only one player away from a championship such as the Minnesota Manta Rays or the up and coming Calgary Cyclones. More news will be coming soon as it is released.