Philosophical notes
John F Williams | 23 Nov 2011

What is the greatest gift you have received as a human person? The greatest and possible best gift we received is the creation of the Lord and so is our birth on this beautiful planet.

LOVE OF GOD is yet another greater Gift . . We have the beautiful Nature, Sky , Ocean , Mountains ,Forests , Rivers , Waterfalls ,  Weather and so on . We received good and delicious food grains , fruits, vegetables, water , air and light , in abundance  as Gifts again . Ears, nose ,eyes and other senses are also among the greatest gifts of the Lord which make our life more charming and meaningful.  Sun, Moon and the Stars are also in way less than great gifts 

What gives you most satisfaction in life?

Internal Peace and Happiness give us the most satisfaction in life. Both peace and happiness we obtain  from the Blessings of the Lord . We are always  happy when God is with us  and God will be  with us when we follow his Will and Command . Let us surrender ourselves to the Almighty God . We should perform our duty as per his Commandment not worrying about the result .God will reward us suitably as per our Merit  and his reward his most satisfying . At times it may not appeal us but let us not forget that the Non-satisfying award is temporary only .

What do you learn from nature?

We learn love of  God only from Nature  . It’s only God  what we name Nature , has the Remote Control to monitor  nature . Once we trust Nature , we trust God . Nothing moves without the Will of the Lord . Our Nature is so beautiful , full of Oceans, Forests, Mountains , Valleys  , Waterfalls , Streams and Deserts . Nothing ever moved , moves or  will move without the will of  God . It is only HE  i, e the  Nature who created all the Planets  governed under His Command . Indeed the Nature is the Super Power  None else than   God is a creator of Heaven and Earth  with no one above Him .