PIL Against Lady Justice - Banta Hai
Capt (IN) J.K. Sharma | 18 Dec 2013

The Supreme Court on Monday the 7th October 2013 had asked the Centre how far its order on August 5, 2013 , to set up 22 special CBI courts to try corruption cases involving high-profile politicians and public servants has been implemented.

To this query "Solicitor General Mohan Parasaran frankly admitted that the court's order had not been implemented". 
SC Bench of Justice B S Chauhan and Justice S A Bobde while dismissing the anticipatory bail plea of IPS officer P P Pandey, accused in Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case, on August 12 said: "We are sorry to say that the court's time is being used by senior advocates and big criminals.
"We can say on oath that only 5 per cent of the time is being used for common citizens, whose appeals are waiting for 20 or 30 years. This court has become a safe haven for big criminals. You come here for the sixth or eighth time for anticipatory bail and we should hear as if we were a trial court." 
Earlier in December 2011 , Delhi High Court judge S N Dhingra, had said: "…criminal justice system needs overhauling so that the constitutional mandate of equality before law is made meaningful and it should not be the case that higher courts are kept occupied by the person with money or power, as is the case today".
Lawyer Manish Khanna, who has been fighting for speedy trial for the poor, said: "It is a well know fact that hearing pattern in most courts change when petitions of the rich and powerful come up. Senior advocates who appear for them get special attention."

Is it thus not clear that the image of the statue of Lay Justice has been completely tarnished in the eyes of ordinary citizens in India of the 21st century. Therefore it is felt that there is no need for the statue of Lady Justice in any of the courts, high courts and Supreme Court. All such statues should be removed and buried deep in the sea once for all. 

This is more so concernable , wherein, Women Courts are being established , which will be staffed by 'Women Judges' , to look into matters concerning women related cases , under laws which are totally biased in favour of women. 

IN SUCH COURTS, How can Lady of Justice be taken to be Blindfolded ?

Hence PIL to Banta hai.....

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