Pillows: Killing us softly
J Blondin | 06 Nov 2008

Science has proved that lack of sleep kills and pillows are the main culprit by spreading disease and stopping us from sleeping.

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Pillows: Killing us softly.
J Blondin
Science has proved that lack of sleep kills and pillows are the main culprit by spreading disease and stopping us from sleeping.
This is not just a catchy title but a fact.
A researcher has proven that lack of sleep kills.
Pillows are the only common denominator and studying pillows for many years leads me to the conclusion that they are the main cause of our illnesses and early death.

So "How can pillows kill us?"
Pillows kill slowly over time in several ways;
  1. Transmission of disease that can kill us!
  2. Keeping us from reaching our deep sleep level where the brain heals us each night!
1. The common bed pillow is the biggest culprit as it is the most common pillow used for sleeping and is poorly designed for sleeping. Many researchers have found mould, mildew; dust mites and bacteria live in pillows. The common cold is a bacterium with a 24 hour life cycle. Most people believe a cold lasts about 7 days but we re-infect ourselves each night when we re-fluff our bed pillows, puffing the bacteria into the air we breathe.
We need a scrunchless designed pillow; one that does not require scrunching, rolling, folding or mangling, mold or fluff it into a support for our head and neck so we can sleep. Bed pillows constantly return to their original shape then you re-scrunch and re-scrunch it all night; tossing and turning, not reaching a deep sleep, releasing the dust mites and disease into the air for you to breathe.
All types of diseases are transmitted through pillows. Pillows coming from other countries could carry any disease from that country without anyone knowing. Just think about the bird flue, killing thousands, coming into the country through a simple feather bed pillow.
The design of a pillow for sleeping should be a sized scrunchless product that fits the individual for sleeping in their preferred sleep position on their preferred mattress. An added health benefit would have the product be machine wash and dry to remove any disease or dust mites.
Bed pillows can’t fill this requirement as they were designed to fit a bed not a human body structure. They can’t fit all body structures without scrunching thus causing disease. Most can not be machine washed or dried without loosing shape and many of the most popular, least expensive come from other countries bringing their disease.
2. To explain how a pillow kills us by keeping us from getting a deep sleep you need to understand what a pillow is for? Most people know they require one but not the reason why. A pillow is to support the weight of the head, (when back or side sleeping) while keeping the neck in alignment so the brain can rejuvenate the body while we sleep. To do this each night is a necessary part of our life cycle.
Understanding the sleep cycle and how the brain works can allow us to see why sleeping in alignment is necessary for our health and wellbeing.
When we toss and turn, seeking comfort and support we don’t get into our deep sleep cycle early enough for the brain to help our body. It takes about 30-40 minutes of un-interrupted sleep to reach the first deep sleep cycle where the brain checks the body for help needed. It checks every organ, cell and muscles; by sending signals to each and receiving replies. This allows the brain to open help files during the REM state and send help during the second deep cycle. Without this nightly rejuvenating of our bodies we develop illness or organ problems and die.

We die without sleep as proven by a researcher who kept animals awake from 6 months to 30 months and stated “they did not die from not sleeping; they all died from organ failure”. If he was not trying to prove “you won’t die from not sleeping” he would have understood the results were; “We do die without sleep”! Our organs shut down without sleep!
A round sized (for body structures) scrunchless designed pillow (reduces the tossing and turning, constant scrunching, puffing bacteria into the breathing air) keeps you in comfort with support long enough to reach deep sleep each night.
Another benefit of a sized round pillow is that it keeps the neck in alignment allowing the brain to communicate to all body parts sending help, if and where it may be needed. Bed pillows can’t put the neck in alignment nightly as they are too soft, wrong shape thus requiring scrunching.
Yes, the common bed pillows can be killing us by “Killing us softly”.
 Jim Blondin
The Align-Right Pillow Company Ltd.