Pilots Under DGCA Scanner
Anand Krishnan | 14 Mar 2011

Many irregularities have been found by DGCA in recent period against pilots, who got jobs using fake mark sheets.  And at present around 4000 pilots are under scanner by Director General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA )

The pilots including women pilots caught by Crime Branch and the investigation is going on when these people were produced fake documents for obtaining commercial pilot licences.

The Director General of Civil Aviation is now checking pilots documents and they are now under scanner of investigation. .When the Investigation is on the two women pilots Meenakshi Sehgal as well as Swarn Singh of Indigo and MDLR airlines are absconding, these all matters are very serious and the Civil aviation as well as government of India has to look this matter immediately to catch the racket behind this.

One things to be done by Govt of India as well as DGCA to put CCTV on cockpit and every movement to be watched from ground level from landing up to takeoff.

Now when the matter is gone serious and DGCA has to scrutiny each pilots due to recent fraud and fake mark sheet incident caught by this pilots and more and more cases are coming out and there is some loopholes inside Appointment also to be monitored by CBI and this pilots found guilty the maximum Punishment to be given but more question came that they have only warned and some got only fine and again they are in Job.


 The DGCA as well as CBI has to deal this incident to catch such culprits who are playing with the life of the innocent passengers to be barred as soon as possible