Playing religious politics over detection of fraud in MCD pension-scheme not proper

It refers to media reports about presenting father-son duo from a particular minority religion in a press conference by ruling BJP in North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) over the husband having drawn disability pension for his wife without meeting the norms.

Exposing the great impropriety by the Central Information Commission (CIC) had caused great discomfort for Leader of Opposition in Delhi State legislative assembly because his wife as municipal counsellor had endorsed the pension form without any proper verification.

But it was undoubtedly unfair on part of BJP to make it a politico-religious matter on the eve of elections to Punjab state assembly, especially when exposure of impropriety was made by CIC and not by Delhi government.

It is unfair that wrong doer from a minority religion having received pension in the name of his wife against norms was projected like a hero just for political purposes. The Election Commission should take note of the press conference where the person from minority religion behind wrongly claiming pension in name of his disabled wife from NDMC was presented by ruling BJP like some hero.

This particular matter at CIC had earlier caused big embarrassment for Delhi government when CIC in this very matter had even directed Delhi government to give hefty compensation of rupees one lakh to the petitioner having wrongly claimed disability-pension for his wife from NDMC. Even questions were asked both in Lok Sabha and Delhi state legislative assembly as if something very wrong was done on part of Delhi government.