Plight of military and para military forces
Satbir Singh Bedi | 23 Aug 2013

 Politicians use the military and para military forces

as pawns in their game of countering terrorism and are
actually more interested in their own survival rather
than in countering terrorism or in looking to the
needs of the military and para military forces.  The
worst thing that faces the military and para military
forces is that their Jawans are not granted leave even
to see their relatives who are seriously ill or are
dying.  No leave reserve are kept in these forces. 
The result is that officers find it difficult to grant
leave to the Jawans and sometimes Jawans are so
frustrated at not being granted leave that they kill
their officers.  There are many newspaper reports in
this regard.  So, the Government should look into the
matter and provide leave reserves for these forces. 
Secondly, the Government should not as a matter of
course involve these forces in a matter which is the
creation of their own follies.  These forces then
think that they are being exploited for no reasons. 
Frequent posting of para military force battalions
from one place in the north east to another place in
the north west of the country to quell riots, etc. not
only saps the energy of the Jawans of these forces but
kills their spirit also.  To quell riots or to counter
terrorism, Government should first of all consider its
own role in the creation of such riots or terrorist
menace.  They should then make amends in this regard
by evolving a political consensus.  We should not be
guided by other nations in countering terrorism.  We
should have been strict with Pakistan and should have
had no negotiations with it till the cross border
terrorism had stopped.  Similarly, we must fence our
borders with Bangla Desh and realize that Bangla
Deshis who are illegal migrants also pose a threat to
our nation as they can be lured by terrorists coming
from Bangladesh to work with them.  We should not play
vote bank politics and must throw away these illegal