PM Modi encourages ISRO scientists

It is come into view that under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the technology front may get more boosts as he was very happy with the success of multinational satellite launching by ISRO on Monday at Sriharikota. His enthusiastic speech has brought smiles in all the scientist community. His forty minute spirited speech have thrown much challenges on ISRO scientists.

Though it is frequent feature to attend the launching of satellites by ISRO but the Monday's launching of PSLV-23 at SHAR center at Sriharikota is a dissimilar to previous. The Prime Minister joy was knew no bounds after its success and filled the entire country with numerous joy with his powerful and energetic speech. The scientist community in particular has got new strength and encouragement. He specifically mentioned in his speech that he had witnessed four generations of scientist in the space (SHAR) center.

Giving maximum boost to scientists the PM has asked them still carry more experiments to reach the fruits to common man which can empower and transform his life to a new origin.

The Prime Minister has also directed the space department officials to proactive with all stake holders to maximum use of space science in governance. Space technology is very valuable in disaster management and to make India more digital the services of space scientists are more important.

Space engineering is more important for the development of mankind not for power. He has suggested them to prepare a SAARC satellite to navigate all SAARC countries if more South Asia.

India has the potential of launching satellites various developed countries and became a service provider.

On Monday the SHAAR center has launched the satellites of Trance, Germany, Canada and Singapore.

India has so far lunched 35 satellites of 19 countries which are Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey and UK.