POLAVARAM Project a loss to Odisha revenue;
Manoj Kumar Das | 23 Aug 2017

Polavaram, the multi-purpose irrigation project has been accorded national project status by the Union government. This under construction dam across the Godavari river is located in West Godavari District and East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh state and its reservoir spreads in parts of Chhattisgarh and Odisha States. Despite of long protest for the said project by the citizen of four states the construction is processed.

Polavaram is the name by which the panic in the mind speeded in the mind of the poor people of Malkangiri District. Past for long period the people and public representatives continue their protest at State Government offices but till date no fruitful result is out come. For which these public representatives knocked the doors of Supreme court. Apart from all these Odisha state government also appealed infront of Central Government but no response is received.

If the Polavaram project completes along with Andhra, more than 50 tribal villages of Malkangiri District will come under the water and the names of these villages will vanish from the geographical map of Malkangiri. Instead of listning to the appeals Central Government in the past 9th August of current year deployed a team for the survey of the said project at Malkangiri from Chattishgarth. As a result of which various tribals and committees organized a group meeting. With this project the most affected place will be Motu under Padia block of Malkangiri.

As per the record the Polavaram dam height is lower to the required. Reportedly as proposed height is 48 meter, due to which 10 thousand acre forest and cultivation land will vanish along with 29 tribe villages. Similarly, under out of 19 Panchayats about 7 panhayats will vanish. For which along with the state government various Polavaram Protest committees organized many rally and protests but no fruitful results is ascertained. Similarly as Odisha, many regions of Andhra Pradesh & Telengana will vanish under Polavaram water. Estimated about 25kms in length and 5 kms in width of forest land containing various valuable resources of forest product along with the bank of Sileru River will be under water. About 7lakhs and 20thousand hectare land will vanish. A huge revenue loss will be ascertained in future to the Odisha.

Though the case of Polavaram is filled at Supreme Court the central government seems to be taking the side of Chattishgarh and Andhra Pradesh for taking the fruitful decision to wards Odisha. Major part of Malkangiri which is a tribal district of Odisha will loose the valuable forest and cultivation land. Now it is awaited by the Malkangiri tribes and various committees to put some action to State Government to pressurize the Central Government to avoid the Polavaram Project for these poor tribes and save the valuable forest wealth of Malkangiri. If not then in future natures beauty and pride of Odisha will vanish from the Geographical map under Polavaram water project.