Police files missing
John F Williams | 04 Dec 2011

Public by large lost confidence in Police system!

Recently at  one of the Police Stations Shahdara ,Delhi 21 Files related to robbery, murder, rape s, cheating and snatching were found missing Is't our System ?
Is it not Shocking!

One or two files can be misplaced or are in the possession of the Investigating Officer /SHO but not 21 Files. It is a clear cut case of  pilferage  intentionally . Even can be taken as a Scandal case as well.

Are these Files eaten away by the Rats or Tarmac completely or removed at the instance of SHO due to Political pressure or for kind.

The case came to lime light when there was a Handing over / Taking over by two Head Constables .at the Police Station.

Surprisingly only Head Constable was  suspended while SHO has been spared , the reason best known to the Police  Authorities.

A Victim with a great difficulty manages to lodge a FIR and just imagine his position when he is informed that the concerned File is Missing. He will continue to suffer further more on this accord.

We  fail to understand and  impossible to believe how  the Files can go missing  without the consent of the SHO. Mallkhana  Incharge and so the SHO both are punishable for this serious Lapse.

In fact both the Head Constable and the SHO would have been  immediately sent back to the lines under suspension and an Enquiry by an External Agency be conducted against them.

Do I dare to comment that the Money only  played the Vital Role in the removal  of  these Twenty One Files.

So dear friends what degree of confidence we have in our Police may be judged from the above!