'Politics on Swine Flu'
Anubhav | 05 Aug 2009

This article is about the politics that happened just after the first death of a victim because of swine flu in the country.

                                                         'Politics on Swine Flu'

A death becuase of swine flu again created a solid politics amongst the people of the city. Be it the administration of Jehangir hospital or be it the medical officers of PMC (Pune municipal corporation), It is simply not clear that why people don't understand that they should not play with these kind of sensitive issues. Why people don't understand that they should not play with these kind of issues. Today a major daily newspaper carried an article that Jehangir hospital in which the victim died doesn't have any information or was not in the regular touch with PMC officials, now this is simply rediculous a hospital that is considered to be the best in Pune doesn't inform the officials about the issues. Leaving the hospital and officials behind, the media standout over the issue was also appropriate, this time the media have also made the issue totally into a differnt game. In the morning when there was a press conference with the officials and the parents of the victim the press behaved in totally a different way, the questions that were put were enough to bring the tears back again in the eyes of the parents of the victim.

One of the relatives of a victim said in the interview with one of the leading news channel that 'the hospital were so selfish that one of the doctor said while the victim was on the ventilator that it is the time to shift the patient ', it is simply a horrible part on the part of the hospital that when the patient was counting her last breath the hospital also took the simple measure so that they couldnot be accountable if the victim dies.  This is simply the selfishness from the hospital  as the doctors were not able to do anything when they realise that now the patient has gone out of their hands.