Pollution and Bhopal Gas Disaster

In some case legs of the persons were turned into dark black color as I saw in case of my father (reported case of 1990at local Hamidia Hospital Bhopal). During operation process such persons can not be survived any more.

GENERALLY DURIN traffic Jam a noise made by the drivers of an automobile to give warning is being  reached up to 125 to 130 decibels. An average  normal man can tolerate  the volume of the sound up to 110 decibels. This is a  reason when a person reaches home after facing traffic jam, he wants take complete rest by closing his ears and eyes.
By putting  up a single little  light sound in his ears, he feels very upset and  unpleasant. Not only noise makes him uncomfortable, but due to smoke of vehicles,  and other pollutions the road attacks  on this smelling  and other organs of the body. Therefore any type of pollution of soil ,water, air have bad affects on his health.
In general when we are on roads and roadsides motorcars buses, auto-riksha  ,machines, generators ,loudspeakers, trains ,filthy water, odor smells   etc reached up to 130 decibels.
This type of circumstance have  created new challenge and threaten to human life. In India and other developing countries people are in bad habits to listen the music on high volume and  stay in unhygienic surroundings which goes towards the processes of slow poisoning for them.
Even  neighborhood  is disturbed by this attitude of loud sounding. In USA, U.K, Singapore, Canada, Germany and other advance countries there are laws to listen the music up to some extent of volume. Same laws work there in case of  throwing the garbage on streets  and not a single item is allowed to throw on roads. I have noticed  such countries do not permit even to horn the automobiles and listen the loud music  on roads. Police and Cops are very strict in these matters.  
For sake of our health we can develop such habits in our country also.
Horrible  effects of air pollution we seen in Bhopal MIC(Methyl  IsoCynate) gas leakage tragedy. Acute effects observed immediately upon short term exposure to air pollutants at high concentrations and second type of long run  effects became evident only after continuation exposure to low level of air pollution. The second effects are very difficult to demonstrate so they  are less obvious.
Therefore  with the help of death rate during Bhopal gas tragedy, one can measure acute air pollution. Deaths from that episode are measured by comparing the number of deaths normally associated with the area and period in question with those that occur during the episode. During Bhopal Gas disaster there was release of 30 tones of deadly MIC gas from storage tanks  due to alleged failure of hole  scrubber system.
Estimated immediate deaths were reported more than 2500. More than 100,000 people affected by  acute vomiting, sever coughing, Inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes ,blindness, suffocation, nasal irritation, throat soaring, ear paining, cardiac failure, paralyzing of body organs etc.
In some case legs of the persons were turned into dark black color as I saw in case of my father (reported case of 1990at  local Hamidia Hospital Bhopal). During operation process such persons can not be survived any more. The suffocative smell of MIC gas  was noticed even after passing the moths and months of the disaster. The synergistic damage to health and eyes were  particularly extremely bad in degree on the aged people who had been suffering from previously existing eye problems as my mom had got her eye operation on day before the tragedy and remained with one eye blind  and other eye  with little sight till her last breath.
In words of  CS Rao,who is writer of Environmental pollution control engineering that   in 1930 the Meuse Valley in Belgium was trapped by an inversion in which pollutants accumulated for five days resulting in death of approximately 60 people. Similar stable metrological condition occurred in 1948 in Donora, USA, where 20 persons died and about 6000 of the town ‘s 14000 population became ill. The notorious London episode of 1952 took place under heavy continuous smog conditions and caused an estimated 4000 excess deaths.
In many countries the legal standards for  completely enveloping air quality are prescribed by the governments. The motto of such preventions is to reduce the pollution  to certain  level. The preventions level may vary from country to country depending upon the geographical and demographical features.
In the U.S. there are two types of air quality standards prescribed by government namely  primary and secondary. The primary standards are meant for protection of human health ,whereas the secondary standards are completely enveloping, considered safe for plants, animals, materials and personal comforts. In USA not a single grain is allowed to throw in water ponds.
These things are very helpful to prevent more pollution.